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T’was the night before Xmas…

Baby was due mid to end of December, the busiest time of year, so we knew we had to be organised, and organised we were! A heater was sitting in the corner ready to plug in if needed. New baby … Continue reading

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Spent a lovely morning in the garden today. After heavy squally rain lashed the house off and on all night the morning was quieter than I expected, though not quiet enough for a spa. When I stepped out I turned … Continue reading

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Best Wishes for 2017!

Four to six weeks ahead of the big day I poured over magazines thinking even tho I work right up to 3pm Christmas Eve, I could still plan an amazing Christmas feast as all the kids would be home except … Continue reading

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Number Eleven. 

Number eleven has hit the ground, and I mean that literally. She was delivered in our lounge with little fanfare and surprisingly quick. Not that we didn’t have warning as Simone had laboured off and on erratically all through the … Continue reading

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The clock goes forward…

I woke early and fluffed around doing jobs until eight am at which time I had planned to go and get ready, when Monie said, “You know its daylight savings weekend aye?” “Yep”, I answered. “So its an hour ahead … Continue reading

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When you get a message from your kids that life is tough in one way or another, all you want to do is help and I was in the middle of cleaning out the ensuite cupboard deciding whether I should … Continue reading

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“I could fan you while you read”, Kahu offered enthusiastically. “Oh you’re such a sweetie…. Go on then, but only if you want” to I smiled. She raced to the lounge and returned with a fan and needed to use … Continue reading

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