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Mr fox

A guy came into work to buy something and when I asked his surname to put in point of sale, he said “Fox, Mr Fox”. I smiled to myself the whole time I served him and as we chatted I … Continue reading

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Top of the morning to you!

I downed three straight jagermeisters on ice to quell a little upset tummy and then was having trouble focusing on the movie Gilbert kindly had put on for me. He explained he wanted me to understand the way the Stockmarket … Continue reading

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Last day in the Island and we drew the lucky straw

…and got a room with twelve o’clock checkout. It makes such a difference and we made the most of it with a swim first thing. Water was nippier than our usual mid day temps but the sun soon came out … Continue reading

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I wonder if I can grow coconuts in my subtropical garden?

After a late breakfast Gilbert and I head to our pre-booked couples massage. We are welcomed by two smiling Thai girls who pour us green tea for starters and ask gently about our hearts, recent ops etc to quietly gauge … Continue reading

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Kiaorana Everyone!

The party started at the tiny airport with an old guy singing Pokarekare Ana, (among other things), as we went thru customs and two steps later picked our bags off the carousal, just a few steps more before being greeted, … Continue reading

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If you never hear from me again….

Little Mr Mushroom, underneath a tree. I look at you and you look at me. You grow from the ground in a single night, with your round, round head and your hat so white…. Little Mr Mushroom. What would you … Continue reading

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Just what I needed…

The rain was salty from my sweat and deliciously cooling as it ran down my face, under my collar, and down my back while gathering my hair into lengthened ringlets of grey. I had just the last few sweeps to … Continue reading

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