“I could fan you while you read”, Kahu offered enthusiastically. “Oh you’re such a sweetie…. Go on then, but only if you want” to I smiled. She raced to the lounge and returned with a fan and needed to use all her strength to get a good wind up that lifted the end of my hair. Oh flip that’s good Kahu.

I read on….the words soon became tangled and my tongue couldn’t get around them as I began to drift off. “That’s not what it says” Wheriko stops me indignantly as if I was trying to pull the wool over their eyes when it was actually my mouth that seems to have got filled with furry stuff. “I’m sorry Darl, I’m just so tired”. I tried again but drifted off again and the book fell flat on my face. “Shall I read to myself?” Wheriko asks obviously thinking I’m incompetent.

Meanwhile Kahu is swapping arms trying to keep the cooling breeze going. “Would you like me to draw on your back too?” Kahu asks. ” I can do both arms. I can”. It’s alright Darl. Maybe Wheriko can draw on my back. “Whaaaat! I’m reading!” Wheriko stammers in disbelief that I would even consider keeping her from her book or expect her to do two things at once. I don’t really care as I’m almost a goner and I drift into a lovely relaxed sleep with a little girl snuggled either side of me. Ahhhh bliss.

Monie arrives home and finds me snoring soundly with the girls sound asleep either side. “Mums been asleep for ages and the girls for about ten minutes”. Gilbert reports.

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3 Responses to Babysitting

  1. Tara says:

    hahahaha!! Oh mum. Gutted you can’t do that with my boys more. xx

  2. renanopolis says:

    So gorgeous ❤ ❤ ❤

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