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Moon Gardening is damn annoying…

I was walking around the garden a few weeks ago and thought the veg garden has probably not looked this good in a while. Is that due to planting with the moon or just good luck? The morning light was … Continue reading

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I had a dream…

I had a dream. . .We had gone out for dinner and to our surprise, a show was about to start. We sat waiting expectantly with no idea what was about to happen. Suddenly a woman came out and we … Continue reading

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Makes no sense to me

I open my eyes suddenly after having dozed back off once in the spa. I feel less than energetic and my ‘sleep ins’ are not helping, but rather seem to be making me more tired.  Its an hour after dawn … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’m a MermaidĀ 

I slipped on the deck one morning, running across to grab some lemons, and as I ran, one leg slipped out behind me twisting my knee as I hit the deck, my thumb wrenched back as I tried to stop … Continue reading

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