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Grocery shopping – Tick

As the designated shopper since Covid 19, I find myself after a long sojourn, once again in the role I played for many years. Doing the grocery shop. Somehow, we seem to have some role reversal, where Monie runs the … Continue reading

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Four Weddings and a Fortieth…

It seemed like there had been no weddings in the family for years and years, and then this year we had four. Two on Gilbert’s side and two on mine. One at almost the top of New Zealand, and one … Continue reading

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Narla holidays in the Country

Just found this… I wrote it after Tara’s dog Narla came to stay. It went a bit like this. DAY 1 Narla: Hi Paddy. WOW!  So much room, you should see my place, its tiny! Paddy: Yeah…Oh don’t poo there! … Continue reading

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Back to Nan Ling, China…

Twenty years ago today we went to bed with all our bags packed ready to leave for China in the morning. All seven of us. We were to stay in the Village Gilbert’s Father grew up in and experience the … Continue reading

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T’was the night before Xmas…

Baby was due mid to end of December, the busiest time of year, so we knew we had to be organised, and organised we were! A heater was sitting in the corner ready to plug in if needed. New baby … Continue reading

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Sleeep, sleeeep, sleeeeep…

Its 2.30am. I toss and check the time again. 3am. God the nights are sooo long. I remember Mum telling me this and in my carefree ignorance I nodded, as I was often awake with babies and would sometimes nod … Continue reading

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A perfect end to a perfect day. 

After waking at my normal time and reading for a bit, I got up late. It was my birthday after all. Weather forecast had a bit of everything coming, so I was thinking of a lazy day. Perhaps finishing my … Continue reading

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The Anniversary of Dad’s passing

Dad died suddenly in a car accident at just 49 years old. 29th May 1978. It was an unbelievable shock. As I write that, I see myself then at just 19 years old. I was smack in the middle of … Continue reading

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That will be several hundred thousand dollars, thanks…

We were Christchurch bound to help Chee and Annie move into their new, OWN, home. There had been much effort perusing available properties with pros and cons weighed carefully. Under floor and roof cavities inspected carefully with a builders eye, … Continue reading

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I work in a wok

Hot days at work are sometimes like being sauteed in a wok. I could skip summer and go straight to a very long Autumn. I love Autumn. It’s my favourite month by far. “What a lovely holiday you must have … Continue reading

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