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Bangla Rd

Being a work conference we are with a bunch of people whom are all, but one, younger than us, and whom we don’t know very well. Gilbert and I are fairly sedate, while some are leering up every night. Down … Continue reading

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Getting sick in Thailand is not funny

A group of us are scheduled for cooking lessons and we have chosen Pad Thai, Penang curry, Black pepper beef, Tom Kha Gai soup and Mango sticky rice. As I know you are now licking your lips, I can confirm … Continue reading

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Via Singapore

One of our suppliers has kindly provided an all expenses paid conference in Phuket, Thailand. I say conference, but with just one two hour ‘update’ in the whole week, it can hardly be called a ‘conference’, and they very generously … Continue reading

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Forty years on…

“Shall we go out for lunch?” Gilbert gingerly asks. Menopause is a bitch and sometimes I am too…. I can’t recall many wedding anniversaries we’ve celebrated, except for one that wasn’t the right date! I’m transcribing my diary from a … Continue reading

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Survival, we all need a helping hand sometimes. 

As we begin to sit out Cylone Debbie fresh from Aussie, we are told to keep our survival kits handy and be ready to evacuate. I’m sure many people are thinking…’gulp, yeeah’. We all have great plans…or maybe we’ve done … Continue reading

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I’m not really hungry thank-you…

“Mum, you better have a word to the kids about being grateful for someone making dinner, even if you don’t like it.” Monie called out to me when I came in from the garden. I called the children to me … Continue reading

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The Pond Clean

Tara looked at me strangely when I said I wanted to clean the pond out again, but as I explained it needs a complete empty and refill yearly. Last time was about eighteen months ago and the pump fell over … Continue reading

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