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Makes no sense to me

I open my eyes suddenly after having dozed back off once in the spa. I feel less than energetic and my ‘sleep ins’ are not helping, but rather seem to be making me more tired.  Its an hour after dawn … Continue reading

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That moment in time…

Inevitable as it is and many times more expected the older we get, it still takes us by surprise doesn’t it. Even as Mum prepared us in the years before by telling us, if we saw she was losing her … Continue reading

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Waxing and Waning

I have decided to follow the moon calendar for real. I tried this before, but my heart wasn’t in it. I didn’t like being told when to do things. Plant this week but not the next. What if I didn’t … Continue reading

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Don’t judge me…

So, I’m hanging out the washing and have a distinct feeling I’m being watched. I glance around and it turns out a bloody great rat is sitting there watching me in the morning sunshine. I stare back at him and … Continue reading

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Every night before bed, I put my lipstick on. 

I got the call that Annie seemed to be in labour, and while it was stop-start, everything looked like it wouldn’t be long. My bag had been packed to dash at a moments notice, and the time had come. Who … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’m a Mermaid 

I slipped on the deck one morning, running across to grab some lemons, and as I ran, one leg slipped out behind me twisting my knee as I hit the deck, my thumb wrenched back as I tried to stop … Continue reading

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A poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 

Over a period of a few days I noticed whenever I counted the hens, one seemed to be missing and each time as I debated looking around for her, I heard her squawking up in the hen house and assumed … Continue reading

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