Narla holidays in the Country

Just found this… I wrote it after Tara’s dog Narla came to stay. It went a bit like this.
Narla: Hi Paddy. WOW!  So much room, you should see my place, its tiny!
Paddy: Yeah…Oh don’t poo there! They like it on the deck or the path…true.
Narla: What? Thats crazy! My bitch hates it on the path.
Paddy: I know, but the old bitch here comes out every morning looking for Poo. I figure its easy to just put it where its easy to find.
Narla: OK…so just like here…on the deck?
Paddy: Yep…and the good thing is you don’t even have to get your feet wet…

Paddy: You’re kinda cute, wanna play a fun game?

Narla: Yep! What is it?
Paddy: Well I just come over your back like this…
Narla: Hey, get off me! I don’t like that game.


DAY 3                                                                                                                                                      Narla: Guess what Paddy! I found these little squawky things down the back. we should chase them. They can’t even run fast.

Paddy: Jesus, don’t even look at them. The old bitch gets really upset if you go near them. Its ‘the box’ for hours if I go there. But we can do other games.

Narla: I SAID… I DON”T LIKE THAT GAME, give it a rest already!

Narla: What are those huge things in the paddock?
Paddy: Giants, I don’t know, I don’t go there…they’re too scary, and the gate gives me a pain all over when I go through. I’m never going in there again.

Narla: They keep talking to me, but when I talk back that Monie bitch comes out and makes me go in the cupboard. I went in four times yesterday!
Paddy: Yeah she can be scary too, I keep away from her and be careful around the kids. The big one gets me into trouble all the time.  Wanna play a neat game?

Narla: If its that dumb one you keep trying …NO!


Paddy: Did you see the lightening last night? Man I was so scared when the thunder started…but the whole sky lit up.
Narla: Nah, I sleep in the garage. Not scary at all.
Paddy: I never get to sleep in the garage. Sometimes I  scratch the floor all night to try and get them to put me in there, but no!
Narla: Are you sure about the pooh thing. I did two for her in the garage so it would be super easy for her to pick up and she didn’t look happy aye. Cleaned it with that stinky disinfectant? I don’t know if I can sleep in there tonight with that smell.
Paddy: Plenty of room in my box. You can sleep with me tonight.
Narla: NO, and get off me!


Narla: I see what you mean about the girls. Blimin calling me in and shutting the door just when I get there. Then that Monie bitch comes out and screams at me! sheesh!
Paddy: Yeah, but we wouldn’t be locked up here in the box if you hadn’t kept trying to get in the house, ya dickhead!
Narla: How was I to know the kids were playing a game! Anyway I’m going. Your box smells like dead ants.
Paddy: Hey! WTF! How’d you do that.
Narla: Just pushed it… La la la…I love just running around here.
Paddy: Hey come and push it open for me so I can get out.
Narla: …push it yourself…ya dickhead!

Monie: Get back in the box and stop barking, ya dickhead!
Narla: Hey I was just talking to Paddy,  Oh Man…shes mean.
Paddy: Wanna play a game?


Narla: Can you keep an eye out for my collar. The Boss is gunna be cross.
Paddy: Who’s the Boss?
Narla: The boss at my house. Mostly it’s him, but sometimes, I’ve gotta watch out for her. She can be mean like Monie. I thought I was safe with no collar to grab, but Monie just picked me up and carried me all the way to the cupboard. I hate that cupboard. Smells like rubbish.

Paddy: Are you going home?

Narla: One day I guess. If I don’t have the collar I’m screwed tho.

Narla: Wanna play Paddy?
Paddy: Yep! My game?
Narla: NO! Lets just run around…
Paddy: OK.
Narla: Hey while you’re running around, can you watch out for my collar?
Paddy: OK
Narla: I’m gunna miss you Paddy Malone.
Paddy: I’m gunna miss you too Narla. Maybe we could play my game later?
Narla: No…


Paddy farewells Nala

Paddy and Narla say Goodbye



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