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“I could fan you while you read”, Kahu offered enthusiastically. “Oh you’re such a sweetie…. Go on then, but only if you want” to I smiled. She raced to the lounge and returned with a fan and needed to use … Continue reading

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Tiritiri Matangi-‘looking to the wind’

We started real early, by 6.30am we were on our way by car to catch the train to the city. The kids ate breakfast excitedly and we were off. Two of our children’s families are home schooling and I was … Continue reading

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Suddenly I was in China….

I lay back and exhaled, excited I had got there in time for the dawn chorus and sure enough tui soon began their multi versed tune. Enjoying each of the different bird sounds I became aware of what sounded like … Continue reading

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Food for thought

I keep wandering down to the subtropical orchard and inspecting the big strappy leaves of the bananas planted down there, but alas there’s not so much as a pinky, let alone a bunch of ladyfingers, which was what Mum used … Continue reading

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