Its a small world after all…

ImageI will share a little story that was told to me today…A friend visited whom I hadn’t seen for years. She asked how the children were, and I pointed towards Damen who had just arrived and said, there’s Damen. She looked at him and said, Wow he sure looks like your Dad, and then added she and her husband had just come back from their second trip to Croatia. I asked her if there was a reason they had gone there twice, apart from it being beautiful. She then told me this story quickly….

Her Father was in Europe during the 2nd WW and near the end they were asked to supervise the return of hundreds of young children to Croatia who had been evacuated. They sailed to Croatia and he was given a little girl to return to her family before returning to the ship.  As my friend grew up she remembered him telling the story of the lovely family and the beautiful little girl and how he wished he knew what happened to her.

About 3 years ago, he had died, but his wife was in hospital and she overheard a man say to the person in the next bed he was returning to Croatia the next day, so she interrupted them and told the family her husbands story. The man asked if she knew the village the girl came from and her name. The old lady remembered it clearly and the man left promising to find out what he could.

Some months later she received a call from an old lady called Mirjana who was now seventy years old. Thru her son, she told the same story, but she said that after the man left to go back to his ship, a ship in harbour had sunk, so they assumed he had died on that ship. The Mother remembered her husband saying that had happened to another ship in the harbour and how lucky they were. So my friend and her family now have a very strong connection to a beautiful family in Croatia. What a lovely ending to the story!

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One Response to Its a small world after all…

  1. renanopolis says:

    Oh you’re such a clever Mum, Mum! 🙂 stealing images off the net and posting them too?! Who would’ve thought!! Loving the blog, see you for breakfast xxx

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