Another gorgeous wedding 

Every wedding is different in a hundred ways and I love the little things that make a wedding unique.

Holly and Dave picked a venue close to their home called Solscape that had cabooses, teepee tents and yurts you could rent to sleep in, and a cottage for the bride and groom. The site sat high on a hill over looking the Raglan surf and provided a vegan menu. The main reception area needed to be quiet at 10pm but the party could continue in the communal area later. All these things made it quite different to other weddings and there was much discussion about it.

The biggest concern for weddings though is always the weather. When we had Damen and Amy’s wedding here in our paddock, we discussed the ‘rain plan’ with them. No, they didn’t want to be relocated to a hall. No, they didn’t want a marquee, but we were not to worry as they had paid $10 and consulted with Ken Ring online who said the weather was going to be sunny. This was some ten months or so away from the wedding date. 

Gilbert and I looked at each other in disbelief. These guys had more than a couple of university degrees between them and they thought some guy known as the ‘Moon Man’ was going to be able to predict the weather that far ahead? But, the weather was fantastic. It couldn’t have been better and while we put that down to good luck, I purchased this ‘moon man’s’ next years calendar and began to watch his predictions. When our next son was to be married, Chee rang me up and said “We want a date somewhere in October, November Mum. Can you check out that book for a date?” I picked the weekend most likely and while it rained right up to the Thursday, just like my new mate Ken said, the sun burst through the clouds, the paddocks dried up and we once again had the best weather ever!

I used Ken’s weather almanac many times and only once was it wrong. Far better odds than the actual weather people. Ken has been mocked and reviled many times for his predictions but one thing people seem to miss, is that while official weather predictions can be wildly out and can change hourly, right up to the day. Ken has written his almanac a whole year ahead! So when Official weather reports put this wedding smack in the middle of a weather bomb with a week of thunderstorms and the highest rain fall in a hundred years, Ken said it should be fine. 

Right up to Friday night it was torrential rain and on the Saturday morning Gilbert showed me the official reports for Raglan showed a 100% chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms. I decided on wearing jeans down and if it stayed bad I would just leave them on. “Holly must’ve pissed in the Holy water”, Tony observed as we swerved to avoid road flooding, peering through heavy rain. 

We’d driven down in Tony’s original ’55 Chev. No fancy demisters or the usual mod cons, but comfortable and so nice to be chauffeured. People’s heads turned as we motored down. Duane and I in the back seat full of chat and laughter catching up. “Can you keep it down in the back, Tony complained a couple of times. I can’t hear myself talk”. Hahaha! 

Couple of hours driving but soon the skies were clearing. “Look! Tony pointed as we came over a hill. That’s where we’re headed, pointing out a halo of good weather. “Holly must’ve been a good girl after all”… and by wedding time it was sun, sun and nothing but sun. In fact it was sweltering, without a whisper of wind. 

Holly on her way in Tony’s ’55 Chev

We settled in the bach we were to sleep in where the girls were finishing hair and makeup. All absolutely gorgeous and Holly especially, a vision of loveliness when she slipped her wedding dress on and tucked a simple headpiece in her hair. We sipped on bubbles with them and enjoyed being a part of such a special moment. 

Wedding bough n boys waiting

Lindy and I set up the wedding bough we had prepared earlier to take advantage of the stunning view out to the Tasman as far as the eye can see. Manu Bay, Apparently world famous for its left hand breaks. Not that I’d know. Put me on a boogie board and if I’m lucky enough to catch a wave I scream at full throttle all the way in. With joy you understand. Although I did as a youngster have an altercation with the surf on ninety mile beach, where in my book, I nearly drowned. I dragged myself back up the beach after being knocked over repeatedly, dragged under and pulled out. I lay gasping on the sand until I had coughed up all the water I had swallowed, and then made my way down to Dad crying and told him I had nearly drowned. I was about eight I’m guessing. He barely glanced at me as he bagged his toheroas and said, “you’ll be alright”. While I still loved the beach it gave me a healthy fear of surf.

I made it my business to check out the garden and it was huge and fabulous

Down for a quick change and then back up ready for the service, the music was playing and the sun streaming in as everyone arrived, grabbed some liquid refreshments and greeted one another. A wedding is a such a beautiful positive gathering and it certainly helps if the sun is shining. 

Holly was flanked up the aisle with both Mum and Dad, vows made, special words shared and rings exchanged. It was simply beautiful. More photos as family groups reluctantly stood side by side to capture the moment and then we sat happily imbibing in the copious wines on offer, until Cam leaned across to me and said “Should we do the tables now Tricia?” “Pardon?” I looked over. What on earth was she on about. “Aren’t we doing the nibbles table?” she asked. Hell! yes! Couple of drinks in me and I lose track of all responsibilities.  

Nibbles Table was laden  

Dinner was soon served and while Gilbert and I are generally happy to eat almost anything, some people encountered banana and cashew nuts on a pizza and refused to try anything else. I however was in seventh heaven. Four huge salads. One green, one pasta, one spicy kumera and a delicious potato salad. The pizza oven disgorging many variations of vegan pizzas and the flavours were exquisite. Very happy by then, Johny, Sara, Duane and I helped fill the dance floor. Having been sipping since lunch time, I switched to water at about 7pm and felt great next morning, waking up in a king size bed with an unbroken view out to the sea.  

Breakfast was fresh fruit and juice, coconut yogurt, roasted nuts and grains followed by a tomato bean dish, Refried potato mix with tofu sausages, a black and white rice dish. Home made breads with a chia seed berry spread and a capsicum hummus spread option. With fresh coffee and coconut sugar it was just delicious. There were a few long faces who couldn’t eat. In their heads it had to be bacon and eggs or they might choke, and I heard a couple mention Mcdonalds. So much to miss out on when you restrict yourself. The only thing I missed was butter on that amazing bread and a dash of milk in the coffee, but I had no complaints whatsoever. 

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2 Responses to Another gorgeous wedding 

  1. renanopolis says:

    Look at you, tagging like a pro! Awesome Mum! Sounds like so much fun and so glad the weather went awesomely for them. Aren’t weddings the best!!! Xxx

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