When old people buy burgers from young people…

Simone was going out so we decided we would get burgers before going home. We walk in and look around. The poster showed a new Alabama something burger and I have to say it looked good. “I’ll have that, but not the massive one Gilbert adds, the small one will be fine”. “Yep, I agree, I’m not that hungry”. I head to the counter where a girl who looks fresh out of primary school is waiting to serve me. I can tell she’s an employee and not a runaway ten year old because she has ear things on like shes talking to someone on an air craft, or maybe listening to music? who knows.

I’ll have two Alabahama rammers please. She looks at me blankly. “Those ones”, I say pointing up to where they showed on the digital screen above the counter but by the time she looks up, its onto something else. “Damn, You weren’t quick enough and now its gone. Umm its on the poster at the window and its an Alabama scrammer or something. I want the small size”. “Medium?” she asks. Well there only looked to be two sizes but ….shes already entered it in. “Hang on”, I say ,” I want two but one is as a combo”. She nods and changes nothing. “…and one is wrapped in a lettuce leaf like I saw in another picture. I couldn’t possibly eat those big bread rolls, I continue. Too many carbs for this time of night. Haha!”. Ah ha. she nods as she puts a cup on the bench. “Oh and I don’t want the fizzy drink with the combo. I want the milkshake”. “OK” she replies and adds something. “That’ll be $38.80”. “Sheesh. That sounds a lot more than normal, I say, has the prices gone up?” She doesn’t know. She was probably born yesterday.

“Can we just check that order?” I ask nicely. ..and repeat it while shes looking kind’ve past me and nodding. Maybe shes nodding to the music. “Its what you wanted” she assures me when I’ve finished repeating. She punches GO and is about to move away when I ask her for the receipt. She picks up screeds of paper off the floor and tears off mine and hands it to me before turning away. I look at the receipt. Hmm looks wrong to me. An older girl comes up and asks if I’m alright as I try to catch the child’s eye as shes gathering up orders and hands me a cup and points to the fizzy taps indicating I fill my own.

“Ummm I don’t want that”. I say and, “I think that girl has done my order wrong would you mind checking for me.” The older girl goes to my order on the screen and says she can immediately see whats wrong, before I’ve actually explained my order! Shes overcharged me $2.20 and she will sort it out as shes tapping furiously on the keyboard as if she’s writing a blog herself.

“So, I start to repeat my order, I want two burgers, both small like that picture up there, Can you look quick cause it keeps going away? And one to be a combo with chips, but the drink to be a milk shake and the other burger wrapped in lettuce not in a sesame seed bun, or any other kind of bun for that matter. Just lettuce”

“So you asked for a medium burger? she states, That means a combo” she looks at me as if I have just lied. “No, I asked for a small like that picture but see, see, shit its gone again”.  “Then you ordered another burger….she continued and then you ordered an extra drink”.” Ummm no I ordered the drink to be with the combo. Its not normally this hard I say. I’m confused now what I actually ordered. How about we start again” she suggests. Cancels my order. Gives me my money back and then asks me what, I want as if I have just walked in.

“Hello, I say, May I please have two burgers Albahama flamers. Both small. Like that picture just there. Oh you missed it again, hang on, hang on…..there it is! See $9.90 each. Then make one a combo with a milkshake for my husband and don’t add the cream. We don’t like the canned stuff. Did I say Mango before? And the other burger be wrapped in a lettuce leaf. No buns. Its pretty simple really…” she smiles and says that will be $26 please. That’s more like it, I answer. She hands me my change.

“We have a problem tho,  she looks at me as I’m putting my change away. Your burgers have been made, but they are the large size not the small. Is that going to be alright?” “Hmmmm, is one wrapped in a lettuce leaf?” I ask. “It is”, she smiles. “OoooKay”. I smile back. What a lovely girl!
“Sorted?” Gilbert asks as I get back to the table. “Yeah the young one mucked it up and overcharged me, I answer as I sit down. I can handle $2.20 overcharge but not 13 bucks. She looks familiar maybe I know her Mother…”

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5 Responses to When old people buy burgers from young people…

  1. gjc310148 says:

    lovely story T
    and yes i feel like a burger large right now,,12-30am
    plus a milkshake also please
    not her taking the order tho grrrr

    She looks familiar maybe I know her Mother…”

  2. renanopolis says:

    Hahahaha I hate bad service!!!! And yes, you sound extremely old LOL but at least you know right… XXXXX

  3. renanopolis says:

    And ps great hashtag 😍😝🙌🏾

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