Happy Birthday to Them

The Birthday Girls

They were turning sixty, having a masquerade party and we were invited. I’m so close to that age myself… and yet it sounds ancient. I hadn’t really had time to think about the masquerade bit till the actual night, but when I exclaimed, “Oh flip, I need a mask for tonight’s party, Wheri and Kahu ran off and bought back two fantabulous masks they had made at Playcentre. “Wow! Thanks, these are perfect”, I said, wondering how Lindy was going to feel when I presented her option to her. I decided I would give her first choice. Well that’s the polite thing to do. She accepted hers graciously from two very excited little girls, even tho she had a ‘straight from Venice’ option in her bag, which she changed in the car so nobody was any wiser.

The Party Girls…(Oh hello Paddy the dog sneaking into shot)

We decided we wouldn’t drink tooo much as Lindy had to work next day and Gilbert and I were flying to Christchurch to help Channie move house. We had to be up before 5am in fact. Gilbert dropped us off on the way to watch rugby and promised to return after the game as Lindy and I ‘carefully’ headed inside. I say carefully as it was dammed hard seeing with no glasses and a mask.

Duane squealed when she saw my mask and dragged me off to show Wendy. “Look she yelled over the music…this is what happens when you have…how many grandchildren do you have?” she asked turning back to me. “Ummm, eleven any day”, I answered. Ohhh thats awkward. Wendy has one and Duane none. “Wow, its gorgeous”, Wendy exclaimed. “Bitch” Duane laughed as she pulled me toward the bar. “Tony will organise your drinks, she said, he’s at the bar”. Lindy had already given him our large bottle of vodka and mixers and the first drink was ready to go. I knew Tony wouldn’t be sharing our bottle with everyone else as he tucked it to one side. He’s good like that!

A Couple of Gonks

The whole night was so much fun and like parties used to be. We were dancing from about 7pm, there was continuous food doing the rounds and the crowd was super fun. All the old songs and we knew the words, belting them out…well the chorus’ at least. Wendy danced up beside me at one point. “I wish I was in your family, she shouted above the beat as we sashayed from side to side. You guys are so much fun! I wanna come to one of your girls’ nights.” “You can!” I yelled back. The girls nights are for sisters and sister-in-laws, but what the heck. She could be a ‘special guest’ as we have had before.

“Remember that time your family came down to Matarangi, she continued, I rang Duane and said ‘OMG there’s so many of them. Babies and kids and they’re all laughing and having so much fun…..Oh now they’ve got the guitars out’. I told Duane I wanted to join in”. “Ahaaa” I laughed, remembering that Easter weekend when Maire first walked. We do have a great time when we are together.

A Lovely Couple

At one point my glass went missing and Lindy said “Don’t worry we can share” as she made her way back up to the bar and Tony. “Where’s your sister’s glass? “he asked. “Oh we’re sharing now “, she laughed. I could hear her voice above the singing as she told all the ones standing around the bar…”I’m pretty lucky. I’ve got the best boss. If I come to work under the weather, he moves my car into the shade, puts the seat back and down for me so I can sleep and wakes me up when its time to go home.” ‘Why don’t you just stay home I could imagine one of them saying’. ‘Oh no, Lindy would reply, Its a very bad example to set for the kids. You have a responsibility to your job and if you’re rostered on, you have to be there…’

We danced till midnight when Gilbert returned and after a couple more drinks, decided it was time to leave. I thought about going back to the bar to retrieve what might be left of my bottle of vodka but Lindy appeared with a full glass for us to share. ‘One for the road, she said holding it up. Its a bit stronger cause its the last bit” she added as I sipped from it while she put her boots on. “What! We drank the whole 40 oz bottle?” I asked incredulously. “Yep”, she laughed as we got in the car.

I felt pretty good and suspected she drank a bit more than me but said to Gilbert as I got up 4.30am next morning. “I think I’m still drunk” no time to muck around, we were soon on our way to Christchurch and a busy few days of shifting house.

Lindy was a little worse for wear however. Rob said she looked like ‘death warmed up’. Haha…I bet he didn’t offer to park her car in the shade and put the seat back!

That was a great party, like party’s should be we said as we compared notes later. Not like the stupid young kids of today. They start drinking about ten pm. Head out at midnight, party till dawn and waste the whole next day recovering. tsk, tsk, and no idea how to pace themselves, I added. Ahem…

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday to Them

  1. gjc310148 says:

    safety,no walking to the rentabode

    and Ren will be envious
    but looking Fwd to her girls night nights, when she comes home Yay!!!

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