Monday 25th July – A lazy day

We went out for breakfast but all spent a lazy day relaxing, then Ren and I headed out on an evening tour, but first a revisit to the art gallery on our way. I’m hooked on a piece by Dr Seuss, and while it’s not expensive as far as purchases go it’s a purchase none the less. It’s tugging me in every day and I fall in love with it over and over. Hmmmm…

Yerba Buena. I see these words over and over and wonder what it means. I discover today Yerba Buena was the original name of the Spanish settlement that would later become San Francisco, California. Yerba Buena mean’t good herbs in Spanish and named after the herbs that grew prolifically in the area. 

…and this is what it looked like in 1848. 

A tour guide in New Orleans told us, “The Native Americans traded great chunks of land for little more than a few commodity goods but their understanding of land ownership was far different from the invaders who took advantage of this. Their good nature was treated very poorly and, I can say this as I am part Native, she continued. As a history student, it’s very important we acknowledge our past, be it good, bad or ugly. We can’t change the past but by laying it out and acknowledging it happened, we raise awareness, and awareness helps in some way to prevent it happening again.”

We think of the Pohutakawa as ours alone and yet here it is in full bloom on every street almost. 

The bus takes us around the city and I would be no wiser but Ren says we are not doing the right tour from the map guide we have. No one asks us for a ticket so it’s a free ride anyway. We are having some amazing weather and everyone tells us we are incredibly lucky.

City Hall

It’s a long city stay and while it’s all interesting it has some similarity to home too. A bit like staying in Auckland and wandering down the viaduct tho this is so much bigger of course. The people are nice, not any where as friendly as New Orleans where you were greeted with a lovely smile everywhere you went. Big city, full of tourists too, but different feel. 

It feels like we should be shopping here and Ren and I have spent some time perusing racks and trying on clothes and yes a couple of cool purchases. If you want to go clothes shopping, Ren is the one to be with. She’s great at meandering through shop after shop and also good at snap decisions. “Too big, does nothing for you, tight across the back, That’s perfect!” Prices are pretty cheap but they can also be ridiculously expensive too. We look through a couple of chain stores and Ren asks me if I feel bad. Pardon? “Cause they probably used cheap labour”, she explains. Well I wouldn’t have even been aware but now you say it…

We wolf down Wun Tun soup and grab one for Gilbert who has stayed back, some groceries for breakfast in, and head back to the hotel. 

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