Saturday 23 July – Discovering San Francisco

After an OK night with three in the bed we go to the counter to recheck into our new room with two beds and I ask what it will cost if we add a third person in. The guy asks my name and he is typing as I give it. Then he asks for the third person and types Gilbert’s name in and then says, “all done madam”, with a smile. Ummmm what will that cost extra I ask. “All done” he smiles and then winks. Gotta love it aye! We are to get our cards and room will be ready a bit later. Ren and I smile at each other while she goes to find Gilbert. Awesome! I check out breakfast options here. “$29.95 per head for buffet madam and no that’s not complimentary, it will be added to your bill”.  Well no it won’t cause that’s way too expensive for breakfast and I give the other two the news while they are busy doing goodness what on their laptops. Then I wander into the gift shop and the little Chinese lady there greets me heartily and directs my attention to the bling they have for sale. I smile and observe the rules of etiquette to finger and show appreciation before asking if there is somewhere we can get breakfast close by. She agrees prices are steep here and gives me several options and we are mates. She gets it. 

Ren phones an optometrist who confirms we won’t get glasses made in time for me. Just a thought. That will be my first job when we get home. After breakfast we decide to just wander, but before we know it we have bought ‘hop on, hop off’ bus tickets for the three of us and we’re tiki touring around the city. It’s Saturday and the place is packed. So packed the bus can hardly move through the traffic. It’s crazy. Then the driver announces that at the next stop they will stamp and validate our bus ticket. We look at each other and are off that bus like a robber’s dog.  We decide we will do the tour on Monday instead when maybe the place isn’t so busy. Great plan except now we have to walk back home and everything is almost grid locked. We stop for a coffee first and then up hill and down as San Fran has such a hilly side and I think I recognise it from the car chases in movies of young days. 

The cable car museum is open, free and it’s fascinating to Gilbert and I but less so to Ren. I read about the difference between a cable and street car. Cables are run underground and the car uses a vice like grip to grab the cable and start running or let go to stop, in case you don’t know, and San Francisco is the only place in the world where they are still running.  

An earthquake in 1906 followed by a huge fire, destroyed around 2800 acres of San Francisco downtown and because the earthquake broke a lot the water pipes, there was no water available for the firemen to fight the fires. The fire raged for three days and left much of downtown bare. Many of the cable cars were stored in a different area and were safe and we are seeing those same cars today. 

This is inside the building where the running gear can be viewed. It was run by steam but is now electricity. 

Maybe I’m the only person that didn’t know this but I was fascinated. They took on a whole new level of interest for me out on the street. 

A food hall across the road for dinner and an early night as we are pretty shattered. It’s going to be a busy week. 

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One Response to Saturday 23 July – Discovering San Francisco

  1. Tara Moala says:

    I didn’t know and that is super cool!!

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