Thursday 21st July- San Diego next, but wait…

We check out of the hotel and as I haven’t had wifi for a few days I want to spend a couple of hours in a cafe with wifi so I can update my blog. As we walk along I see myself in a shop window mirror. I’m wearing three quarter pants with a short dress and short boots, so a few inches of leg showing between trou bottoms and boot tops. No full length mirror in our room, but I’m not fussy. All the rest was packed. Hmmm… “I just saw my image in a window, I say to Ren, this outfit looks a bit funny?” “Nah, Ren says, you look cool Mum. That’s very ‘new school’. Oh, I push my shoulders back ‘new school’, yeah, that was the look I was going for. Gilbert soon gets bored so goes for a wander, returning with his latest purchase.

A Wallet that won’t be so easy to snatch. 

“Let the bastards try and take it now”, he smiles as he hooks it onto himself. We laugh as we recall our ‘local’ swagger and how it didn’t really help us at all. Ren is walking ahead of me to the airport bus stop and she starts laughing so hard I can’t, not ask. “What’s funny Ren? What’s funny!” She stops and says “…imagine we get to the bus stop and I turn around see my travel bag gone and I’m pulling just a pile of bricks. F….n Bastards stole ma bag.” Ya gotta laugh! 

Soon on the airport bus having paid just $2 each instead of the shuttle price of $24 we are soon dropped straight to the same place. Happy about that! Through to the gate of departure we soon hear there’s a delay, and another delay. They tell us they are waiting for a plane to leave before ours can come in to load. Then we notice people coming back off that plane. At least that’s what it looks like and sure enough, about twenty minutes later our plane is cancelled. Something to do with crew issues. Though we hear later the website had crashed and someone else tells us the system was hacked and all flights were cancelled. The announcer tells us there are no seats on any other flights for that day and her computer has gone down so she can’t access any info either. Pretty much to go sort yourselves out. A long queue forms immediately in front of her none-the-less and we look at each other. “Let’s get out’ve this mad house, get wifi and see what other flights we can get”, Gilbert suggests. We sit at a restaurant with a glass of wine while we ring our prospective travel insurances and see what we are covered for and then both Ren and Gilbert are trawling through websites for flight options. 
It’s soon clear we won’t get to San Diego before lunch time or later tomorrow with the only available flights having multiple stopovers and taking 12 or 18+ hours. We only had two full days there really, as booked to fly out Sunday am. We decide it’s not worth going there and will go straight to San Francisco. It’s called ‘Itinerary Amendment’ and we are covered for it. Now booked for a flight tomorrow to San Fran, Gilbert searches for accommodation for tonight …while I’m still sipping my wine. Well, why have dogs and bark too! 

More waiting

The complimentary hotel shuttle deposits us at the airport hotel and I hand Gilbert the tip for the driver as his bag comes out last, but when I turn around I see he’s still got the money gripped in his hand as he moves away from the van. “That’s for him!” I call back. “What?” he asks. “The money, it’s for him.” I point to the driver. Ohh… Gilbert clicks and turns back to the smiling driver and says “I wondered why she was giving me money.” He laughs and thanks us very much. 
I’ve seen the hotel pool. It’s stinking hot and I’m at Ren to hurry up so we can swim. “I’m going without you Ren. I’ll see you at the pool” I call, but she’s right behind me. We drop our towels and she jumps in first laughing when she pops up cause she didn’t realise it was 9 ft deep. I’m at the side and just go to adjust my bikini bottom when I realise something and jump right in without delay. I am wearing my bikini top, but not the bottoms. I still have my knickers on. Luckily there’s hardly anyone at the pool, and luckily my knickers aren’t those frilly things or just a couple of bits of string like the French women wear. We laugh about memories of the women on the beaches in Europe. They dry themselves discretely and shake out gorgeous lingerie before slipping it on covering very little. Mine by contrast are huge and no nonsense. More for comfort and cover, than lingerie, but it’s bloody funny just the same. 

We decide to work up an appetite by doing laps. Twenty Ren suggests, so I start counting. 1,2,3,4,6,8. How many is that Ren asks as we catch up at one end. Ten I think. She looks at me. Mum! Haha.  Next catch up I tell her I’m pretty sure that’s 16. She smiles and we do a couple more before sunbathing. It’s about 6 pm and the suns still beating down. It feels good to do some exercise before dinner, and dinner was delicious. We sipped ‘hurricane cocktails’ while we waited and then shared an appetiser of crab cakes which were pretty good. Then Ren and I shared a main of blackened red fish with garlic beans and dirty rice, and an entree of stuffed roasted egg plant. Let me tell you ‘dirty rice’ is good! We couldn’t even look at the dessert menu after that. 

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