Friday – There were three in the bed and the little one said…

The hotel breakfast includes Grits and while I’ve heard of this I’ve not tried it anyway yet. A very southern thing I peer into the tray. It’s quite yellow beside the porridge.

It’s yum. So yum I’m tempted to grab a second bowl but the bacon and mushrooms are calling to me, so I get the recipe instead from the chef who is happy to oblige.


Take liquids first at 4 cups to 1 of cornmeal. Make sure it’s stone ground cornmeal, not that Quaker or fast cook variety the chef warns. That gives it the nutty flavour. Bring to the boil a little chicken stock, milk and cream and when just to the boil add cornmeal and stir regularly till the liquid is absorbed. Add salt and pepper and stir through some melted cheese for a savoury option. You can add honey or brown sugar and fruit for a sweet option too. I’m going to make this at home too. Ya kids are gunna love it!

It doesn’t take long to pack our bags again and we are back to the airport. While waiting to board they ask if anyone has flexible travel plans as they have overbooked. If we opt to go on a later flight we can get a US$600 credit per person. They need five to opt off. We look at each other and Ren’s at the counter before you can blink, so I join her. We discover the flight will be leaving four hours later and we have a year to use the $600 voucher. Yep we nod. We’re in too. We are definitely flexible!

So the next four or five hours are pretty boring as we update our blogs and check Facebook as wifi comes and goes on us, eat, drink and people watch and generally ponder people. Many are over weight here and it’s no wonder as drinks come sooo sugar laden its un drinkable. I have to have all my alcohol neat, it’s so awful. Serious. Sauces are all mayonnaise and cream. We even had whipped cream in a bowl to dip our bread into at one place and at one point we over hear an airport walkie talkie asking for someone to come help to get an over weight passenger off a plane. Every second shop is selling sugar in all its guises.

Finally we are boarding. First flight to Detroit and then a connecting to San Francisco. We get Uber to the hotel and check in at 2am. My eyes are falling out of my head  and as we get out Ren tells Gilbert to hang around the outside area while we check in. He’s a little indignant at this cost saving exercise understandably. “God I hope Dad’s not been picked up by the cops looking all unshaven and red eyes”, I tell Ren as  I nip back downstairs after getting our room assigned. I find him loitering around  outside the taxis. He tells Ren, “tomorrow we tell them there’s three of us, I’m not skulking around outside to save money.” “But Dad, Ren says. The hard part was checking in, we’re sweet now.” “I don’t care. I’m too old for this shit. Sort it out tomorrow.” The bad news however is that they only had a king size bed available, not a room with two doubles as we had requested. So now we are all sleeping in the one bed. Hmmmmm…roll over, roll over.

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2 Responses to Friday – There were three in the bed and the little one said…

  1. gjc310148 says:

    naughty Ren
    you know not to get an elder Chee/Joe grumpy,at whatever cost my niece ha
    we are capable of being like the worst of the worst street dudes there haha
    enjoy yourself/selves etc

  2. Tara Moala says:

    Haha uncle! I’d have to agree, and actually add, that I can match that grump growl for growl. I think I might be too old for that sort of shit as well. That, and my anxiety would be through the roof! Haha.

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