Now we’re in Cuba

Can you find that on your map? It’s very hot. Think about the hottest you have ever been when the sun was really really shining down and making you feel very thirsty. That’s a bit like Cuba is like. Not many can speak English so it’s lucky Aunty Ren can speak some Spanish!
Not many dogs here to take photos of either. I can’t send any photos right now but I will maybe write a story for you to send next time I get a chance.
I love you and will send agin soon.
Nanny, Goong Goong, and Aunty Ren!

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3 Responses to Now we’re in Cuba

  1. moniejoe says:

    Aunty Renny, how do you say “hello how are you today? Can you also put in brackets how you pronounce it?” Wheriko

  2. renanopolis says:

    Hi baby you say “hola” for hello, (oh-la) the h’s are kind of silent and I think the Cubans speak quite lazily so quite often they don’t pronounce the last letters of a word so for Trinidad they just pronounce it “Tri-ni-da” and they roll the r’s so it’s trrrrrrri-ni-da ☺️ can you say that?

    • renanopolis says:

      Oh for how are you today it’s ?Que tal oy? (Keh-tell-oi) well at least that’s what I think. Que tal is how are you and oy is today so I just put them together! People don’t mind if you get it wrong, they just like you to try. And they let you try for a long time before they tell you they can speak English 😳 hahaha! Love you Wheri! Cool questions! Xxx

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