Blue, blue and more blue.

Today we head to Vancouver Island. I’m thinking it’s like Waiheke, but I’m surprised to hear its about the size of the North Island! Josie and Warwick are with us to explore Victoria too and we’ve met them at the bus station. It took us fifteen minutes to walk there, and then a forty minute bus ride to the ferry terminal. Then a one and half hour ferry ride to Vancouver Island. Then an hour bus ride to downtown Victoria. Ren has booked us into a BnB there. It’s been a rather long day but step into a lovely 2 bedroom self contained apartment, just off the main drag and it’s perfect. It is incredible the difference in not having to even think about what’s happening next. It’s all organised. Thanks Ren! Gilbert tells her we will write her up a testimonial at the end.

Arriving to Vancouver Island…blue, blue and more blue.

After dropping bags and having a couple of glasses of wine we head out to explore, and end up sitting down for dinner at a lovely restaurant right on the waterfront. I’m debating what to get and think that seeing as I had salmon last night I should choose something different, but last nights taste just makes me want more, and I order salmon again and more wine. It’s a pretty view with seaplanes, ferries and all manner of boats coming and going.

The view from our restaurant with a very annoying window frame in the middle. Not sure what I was thinking….

Tomorrow we need to get our rental car. There’s a bit to think about. Think I’ll go to bed. Hopefully Ren is thinking about it…good night all!

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