Whistler for brunch

It was forecast to be a crappy day but the van was booked and this was the only day we had spare, so it had to be today we drove to Whistler, and it cleared as we drove. I say ‘we’ but actually Ren drove. A massive van that you could even stand up in, took eight of us to a Squamish festival her friends Femi and Kate had a stall booked at. No doubt a bit scary, but she did so well heading out over big highways for an hour first, to drop the two girls off and then another half an hour to get us to Whistler.

Whistler is a bit like Queenstown only maybe bigger. Stunningly beautiful it was full of people just enjoying trail biking, walking dogs, sitting in the sun or eating at the cafes and bars. They had a huge farmers market there and we just wandered around enjoying the atmosphere while Ren snoozed off the exhaustion of partying till the wee small hours last night and the stress of being a Tour Guide.

I couldn’t help but notice the weeds growing on the sides as we walked, and marvelled that just as the edible weed book said, you will see the same weeds the world over. The tough ones that survive all conditions. The Puslane, Dandelion, Queen Anne’s lace, clover and much more I can’t remember the names of. Very interesting!

We picked up the girls in Squamish on the way home and headed back, just in time to drop the van off, have a little chat about overcharging us, get the credit sorted and catch the sky train to Sam and James’ for dinner.

They are the lovely couple Ren Nanny’s Ellie for, and they serve up a barbecued dill and fennel crusted Salmon with fresh salad and fresh made pasta. Like actually ‘fresh made’, while we chatted, garlic asparagus on the side, and NZ wines. Amazing meal, every single bite. I’m now feeling like I need a pasta machine! We have been so spoilt by Ren and Blair’s friends. We bid them goodbye as tomorrow we head away from here and I’m not sure when we may return. Not this trip at least, but it is nice to know they are surrounded by very cool and special people.

Ren will certainly miss Baby Ellie for the next few weeks that’s for sure, and I suspect Ellie may just miss Ren also.

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3 Responses to Whistler for brunch

  1. Bo says:

    Bo and Ha, we met in Spain, in Granada. I was wondering your dates for San Francisco?

    • figsforfree says:

      Hi Bo, sorry I missed this. We are in SF 24th to 29th July. Our daughter has org the accommodation so not sure what side of town. If you’re around be lovely to catch up. Do you have my email?

  2. Graham says:

    home away from home
    good change from trying to interpret foreign languages/accents
    makes it a bit more of a holliday as well
    in fact entire trip huh,nice change, all respect etc
    also had puha in Japan England and Finland hostels ..

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