Lolitas for dinner

It’s Saturday and Ren tells us to sleep in cause she doesn’t want to hear a peep from us till lunchtime at the earliest. I wake early but quickly drop back off again no trouble and its 11.30am before I get up. I stay quiet, just in case. Funny how we are reversing roles where we do what we are told. Well mostly. She specifically told us to take the keys other day and we didn’t. Ahem….

It’s raining so it’s a quiet day of catching up with emails and washing and I see how life works in a tiny apartment. Down to the sub basement for compost and landfill and recycling. It’s all taken far more seriously than at home. It’s actually illegal to put food scraps into landfill. It must be recycled in compost bins provided. From there we go to the basement-basement where we feed coins into machines to wash and dry our clothes. I go back later to get them from the dryer, while Ren and Blair pick up our rental van for tomorrow. Then back to the sub basement to see Oliver who is the building janitor to ask if we can park in one of the carparks. “He loves me”, Ren says as we head down. “No, he tells us, there are no carparks”.

“Oh no!”, Ren squeals with appropriate facials. “What will, we do? We need to park it off the street”. “If it’s a little car I might be able to find a spot”, he answers then looks over at me. “This is my Mum”. Ren introduces us. “Oh, you look so young”, he smiles at me. “Is the car small?” he asks Ren in his Slovakian accent. “No it’s not, she admits with sad eyes. It’s an eight seater van as I’m taking the family for a trip tomorrow”. Hmm. He looks at her sad and worried face and then says she can have number 28 park and he will tell them they can’t park there. “Oh thank-you Oliver, Ren beams. Thank-you so much!” “He loves me”, she tells me again as we get back in the lift.

Josie and Warwick have arrived and are soon at Ren’s flat and we sip on wine as Ren and Blair pick up the Van and before we know it we are on our way to ‘Lolitas’. One of their favourite spots and we are hardly seated before we are offered six shots to start the night. We all down it in one, except Gilbert who says he’s not stupid, so I gladly knock it back for him. “That’ll fix your cold, I tell Josie. You won’t need any drugs tonight!” Dinner is delicious and we sashay through cocktails and yummy Mexican tapa like dishes before a spicy brownie for dessert and baileys to round it all off. Yummmmy!

We bid each other goodnight early as they have just flown in and need an early night and Blair goes back to tuck Josie and Warwick in while Ren brings us back. She warns us we must be ready at seven am for a trip to Whistler, applies more makeup and is gone out again to meet Blair at ten pm. Ahhhh, I’m happy and ready for bed!

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