Grouse Mountain

Baby Ellie, whom Ren is Nanny for, is very cute and not shy at all. We bus, Sky train and walk the route to her place, which is in a very pretty leafy suburb. Ellie’s parents have kindly offered Ren the car so we head to Grouse Mountain where we see some lumberjack skits and Bears in an enclosure up very close.

Weighing in at around 380 kilos, Grinder and Cooler, small for bears, have been in captivity since being rescued as cubs. Now 15 & 1/2 yrs old, they will eat themselves silly before hibernating when they will sleep for a few months, and will loose about 25% of their body weight. We were mesmerised watching them move and appreciating their size.

The lumberjack show is very tourist orientated and pretty cheesy but entertaining and the view is amazing as we go down in the gondola.

It’s a beautiful day but still chilly out of the sun and hasn’t ended yet. We nip to the supermarket on the way home as Ren has organised a ‘Meet the Parents’ night. A Facebook page for invites, organising the Pot luck of who’s bringing what, and well wishing. The new way of these things these days!

Her friends are there before us and they are a really nice bunch, all settled in Vancouver for now. The apartment is small and the crowd loud and happy. Many have done some cool travel and we love talking to them. Once again it’s past midnight as we fall into bed.

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