Last day in the Island and we drew the lucky straw

…and got a room with twelve o’clock checkout. It makes such a difference and we made the most of it with a swim first thing. Water was nippier than our usual mid day temps but the sun soon came out and we were sunbathing by 9am. Yes folks that is possible here on the Island. After drying off we went for a brisk coupe of kilometres walk along the beach and appetite worked up we sashayed up to the breakfast area. Only it wasn’t there! Had a horrible split second feeling that our little party last night, which we left at about 1am and apparently finished after 3am might have been a problem….

Last night we had walked ten minutes up the beach to a beautiful restaurant where they presented an award to spa dealers of the year, who were a lovely couple from Wellington. Thanked us all profusely for our year of hard work and announced they were already planning next years trip. All the woman were given beautiful black pearls and as it had started to rain we moved to the bar for after dinner drinks. Returning from there we find the bar here closed, so the boys nipped back to various rooms and returned triumphant with duty free whiskey, vodka, bourbon and rum, along with bottles of wine, cans of mixers, juices. Pretty much you name it, they had it. We found the lovey waka normally used at breakfast with stainless bins to hold food was a perfect ice bucket and so the party was started. A security guard popped by and we all were behaving ourselves. He smiled as he passed through but we found out later they had earlier sent the days wedding party packing and closed the bar due to trouble. All was ok and we had a ball with music on and many laughs.

Now where was the waka and breakfast? We scanned the area and I spotted a sign. Walking closer we find breakfast has been moved to the beach and we are seated and soon devouring fresh fruit including divine figs. Monie has sent me a note that they think our figs are ready so I’m pretty excited about that and hope the birds leave me a couple at least.

So no more lunches of fresh caught tuna or Mahi Mahi on the barbie. In a day or two it will be sandwiches and coffee.

We bid the beautiful resort good bye and I glance back and wonder if we will be here again?

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