It was 3am and I had tossed and turned for a while before deciding to grab a glass of water. I couldn’t sleep, but as soon as I stepped out of our dark room, I realised why. The moon was so bright the garden was lit up like Eden Park before a game. I turned right instead of left, stepping through the french doors and stood out side breathing in the cool night air. I love this kind of night and was glad I hadn’t missed it. The moon was calling me maybe. I wandered around the garden with my bare feet soon wet with dew.

The white tipped iris’ standing tall with their cups painted silver in the moonlight and the carpet of white Alysum glimmered. I must plant more white I decided. I was enjoying my quiet walk with nothing to disturb me until I thought, if Monie got up she’d freak out if she saw me in my flowing cotton robe and my salt and pepper hair probably shimmering with the moons reflections too.

Back inside I just couldn’t go back to bed, so I sat at my desk and flicked through a book I had left there about foraging, identifying plants and their uses in NZ.

I found a section at the back I hadn’t noticed before. A self help section that covered everything from face masks to waterproofing, sealing wax for medicine bottles, making moonshine and everything in between. I sat there sipping green tea, enthralled and next thing I knew the birds were making their first morning calls. I flicked the book shut, nipped down the stairs and into the spa. My first since Nov 10th to be exact.

I couldn’t spa after toe surgery and at the point they were almost healed I dropped a heavy trolley at work across them both. One was badly bruised and the other split open like an over ripe plum and bled like fury, so I had a few extra weeks tacked on for healing again. Today however I lay back into that hot water and boy did it feel good. 39 degrees of pure luxury as my corner of the world woke up around me.

From here I contemplated life. I imagined shelves of ciders, pickles and feijoa wine, herbs hanging from the sheds rafters and me relaxing with a comfrey mask spread all over me tightening up wrinkles. Hell why would you stop at your face? It was our day off. I stretched and yawned. The early morning sun spot llt the gum trees at our boundary with their stripped clean trunks shining. Another steaming hot day looms. Might go and have a nap!

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One Response to Moonshine

  1. renanopolis says:

    Super cool Mum, I loved picturing you wandering the garden then realising what Monie would see then quickly scurrying inside haha! X

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