Happy New Year -2016!

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect week. We had long hot summer sun, day after day after day, and each day I got another task in the garden completed. Not finished mind. The garden tasks will never be a slate wiped clean, but I have realised something I have long known. I need to be out there for my physical and mental wellbeing. I sleep better, wake earlier, am fitter, stronger and happier.

We planted heaps of seeds including Beans, Basil, St Johns Wort, Calendula, Echinacea, and Camomile as well as some seedlings I had bought including peas, lettuce, rocket, and perpetual spinach. Monie helped me reorganise the vegetable garden area. We put the seedling table up so I didn’t have to bend under the crabapple tree. I pulled down the water collection buckets so I could access them easier so they weren’t sitting with stagnant water growing mozzies. Brought in the bales of pea straw I had and mulched all the beds to keep the moisture in when watering. I filled the compost bin with all the weeding and trimming I’ve been doing that was in piles around the place. Tidied up edges and got ready for a big mow.

This was a lovely surprise in the hen run. Probably came from the compost bin from the last tidy up at Mums as she grew them often. Little reminders everywhere in the garden!

Tara and family came round New Year’s Eve and we had a great day with the kids enjoying the garden. Hiding in the shade filled gaps and climbing the limbs of anything they could reach. The garden was filled with the squeals of happiness. Scones for Lunch, Crackers, cheese and beers for afternoon tea followed by a BBQ of sizzling sausages, scorched bacon with aubergine and a pot of potatoes. I said to the kids, I need a rainy day soon now, the tank is starting to look empty and everything is gasping for that deep refreshing drink only rain can give. Families either gone to bed or home, Gilbert and I tucked up for a movie and dropping off to sleep when the fireworks started just on midnight. I was feeling far too relaxed to get up to watch anything and was soon sound asleep.

New Years Day was muggy and cloudy so I headed out as quick as I could after breakfast, with the threat of rain pushing me from job to job. I trimmed edges of the path, always amazed at the extra foot or so that has been stolen by the creeping lawn. Then I started the lawn mower and mowed and mowed while the rain started until it ran out of petrol. It was a fantastic feeling cooling off in the rain and the kids were still outside with me. “Have you seen Paddy?” Wheriko called out to me urgently as she passed, rain running down her face. “Why?” I asked. “We have to catch him and get him to safety”, she called back, “the rain is going to make his fur fall out!” I smiled as the other two came up the rear. Part of the game they were out on a search and rescue mission. Wonder how Paddy is going to take being dragged into a hut I smiled to myself. Eager to finish I tidied away buckets and covered the remaining bales of pea straw, while the rain got heavier and heavier. By the time I got in I was absolutely and deliciously drenched.

A shower and cup of tea and I was soon sitting in the sewing room. I’ve been contemplating starting to sew a jacket I started about ten years ago for Monie. It’s cut out and ready to go in a beautiful blue Italian wool. I have a horrible feeling it won’t fit her buuuuutttt…it will possibly fit me. I looked at the sewing bin overflowing with mending that’s been piling up in there for years and remembered I promised I wouldn’t start anything new until that was emptied. I started to peel off the layers. Placed them into colours for mending, discarding a few things along the way. Four pairs of Gilbert’s shorts, 2 pair of overalls. He’ll think it’s Christmas! The beautiful red silk Chinese dressing gown I bought on our honeymoon, hmmm. Not sure I will still fit that? When what to my wonderful eyes should appear but a nighty and dressing gown made in matching pink and white polka dotted cotton I had started for Monie when she was about two or three. All the bits seemed to be there. Not even much to do to finish. I decided to do that first. Damn it needed piping around the neck that I had made for the armholes in matching fabric. I’ll have to do it in plain old white bias I decided and reached for my container of bias binding and you will not believe it but in there was a perfect length of bias made in the fabric, all those years ago. Some twenty five years ago I’m talking! Wow. Nighty and dressing gown completed I went like a rocket though the rest of the pile. Each thing taking just a short time. Why the hang do I put these things off? I used to do mending for a local dry cleaners for extra income and believe it or not did a couple of hours a day, most days, for about ten years. Zips, hems, tears you name it. Once I was in the swing I quite enjoyed it.

…and it rained and rained and rained. I might be the only happiest person in the world but the sound of tanks filling and watching water channeling down paths and seeping into cracks, swelling seeds and soaking roots is pure bliss to me.

Right about now kids are catching Ferries, buses and planes home. Well maybe not actually buses but that sounded better. Soon I’ll have all my babies under one roof again for a short sweet time. Looking forward to it.

2016…That sounded unbelievable when I was young and yet here we are…Happy New Year everybody!

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One Response to Happy New Year -2016!

  1. renanopolis says:

    Mum you are possibly the coolest person in the entire world. I LOVED this entire blog from the kids running around in the rain to rescue Paddy (LOL) to the sound of the tanks filling up, to you finding the 25 year old bias, to you getting things done, (awesome!) so, so, so, cool. I got a bus or two AND I got a motorbike couple times as well if that sounds good.

    Love you!!!! See you SOOOOO soon!! Xoxoxo

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