I will be kicking and screaming all the way!

The wedding weekend came and went and despite Kens forecast, weather held out for the ceremony and the picnic. The bride was beautiful and the groom looked pretty good too! Most things went to plan. The recycle has been sorted, rubbish bags gone, and the families returned home. Always so lovely to share these special days with people and extra special having the couple spend some time on working bees with us beforehand. They possibly hate it, but for each wedding we’ve had here, I can remember special new bits or plantings they helped us with, and its awesome to have some muscle to get these things done. Not to mention a time and date deadline!

In the evening my toes kept me on my seat. No dancing on the tables at this one, with the gentle throb through the day keeping me grounded. I wore my brand new crocs 2 sizes too big to allow for the bandages, a top I bought in Aussie for $5 and a pair of trou Ive had for ten years completed the ensemble. I’m sure no one noticed or cared… except Kahu who came and asked as I was dressing if she could choose my earrings. The ones she chose were so heavy, I pretended they were broken and steered her towards something more suitable. “But why are you wearing those funny trousers?” she asked, looking down at my my green stripped trou, completely oblivious to the big ugly warehouse crocs. Haha. “Well Kahu, I answered, I only have Jeans and these green trou. There’s a rule that you can’t wear jeans to a wedding.” She accepted this with ease as she motioned for me to sit down, whereapon, lips pursed, she stabbed my ears about seventeen times trying to get the earrings in the holes, while she hummed a happy tune. Now I haven’t actually read the wedding etiquette rule book, but I’m guessing you shouldn’t wear crocs either…

The kids stayed the weekend and as usual it was busy, but this time with feet up, I stayed mostly in relaxed mode and let them sort stuff. It was also Mums second anniversary of her passing and Lindy met me and the kids at the cemetery to remember Mum, with promises of not crying so we didn’t set each other off.

I wandered around the garden and spied a rose that was given to us at the time of Mums passing., ‘Loving Memory’. Each huge head layered with deep velvety red perfumed petals is sublime. I plucked it inside so we could enjoy it. We chat about Mum often still and Ren told me the other day she had been telling a friend what a beautiful Gift Nana had given us all at her passing. The gift of accepting her time had come, and greeting it with joy and celebration. Her favourite music and beautiful words of love for each of us before she slipped into unconsciousness, with a smile on her face. Ren had me welling up as I remembered it. “What a lovely way to say goodbye, Ren said, I hope you go like that.” “I won’t, I answered, I shall be kicking and screaming all the way!” Haha…she thinks Im joking….

My funny way of walking to compensate for stupid toes gave me a pain in the bum. ACTUALLY. Sciatica from a pinched nerve that sent electric shocks up and down my left thigh and into my arse for a few days. Anything from a 2 to a 10 on a scale and the tens are blinding I promise you.

You move a little and it goes away completely, only to come back with no warning at any old time. This reminds me of something Dad used to say…”you’d moan if your arse was on fire”. The first time I said it to Gilbert he stopped and looked at me trying to compute this and said…”I think I would moan if my arse was on fire”. Which makes us laugh now when either of us says it. Well Dad, My arse was on fire at times and yep…I did moan.

Each night we’d find ourselves in the lounge with little ones at different stages of eating, bathing, sleeping. Shared storytimes. The older ones on the tramp till dark. With a glass of wine or a teacup in one hand and a cup cake in the other we debated current affairs or child rearing practises or throwing around fundraising ideas…till another baby woke or cried again and finally we’d give in. We’d all bid each other ‘Good Luck’ and head to bed.’ Good luck’ getting any sleep, as that’s the way of little ones, until we met bleary eyed in the morning.

I know I didn’t have a baby to get up to but I had the sciatica remember. Its quite tiring this pain in the toes and bum, and just sitting around. I can see how people get lazy and grumpy and more tired. I’m at the stage now where I can go and do a few things and each day am adding in extra stuff. Back to work this week too. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, which is strange as I normally love work but now I’m back in the swing its all good.

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One Response to I will be kicking and screaming all the way!

  1. renanopolis says:

    Hahahaha Mum I laughed out loud A LOT, very good. Gorgeous pic and think I taught Kahu to choose earrings haha know exactly what you mean about that and the whanau time 🙂 beautiful!! XXX

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