I hate to tell you this but it appears range hoods are not self cleaning.

This R & R business isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’ve managed to laze around quite well but remembering my bok choi was on the verge of going to flower I donned Simones monstrous crocs that fit fully bandaged feet into, and gingerly made my way to the garden. Slowly down the steps sideways and then sneaked out the French doors. Over the brickwork, being careful to high step over uneven bits and down the garden path. I was instantly struck by the feel of the wind in my hair and the sound of the wind chime. The smell of the sweet peas coming up to greet me. I took a deep breathe in and smiled. By god it was good to be outside.

I had to push past the spinach, now taller than me, that is seeding. I’m waiting for the heads to have dried out enough to thrash the dried seed heads into the hen run bay so they have a feast to forage in when back in there in a couple of months time. Two beds over and there was the bok choi. I plucked each out of the ground, tidied the ends with my knife and slowly walked around the veg beds. Plucked a strawberry from under the cage, which was red, fat and delicious and then hearing the children outside, thought I’d better get back in before they tell on me.

Rain the last couple of days has mean’t I could relax knowing nothing needed watering as I settled in the lounge feet up. My main job has been to work through a pile of House and Garden magazines, ripping out inspirational recipes, garden pics and ideas. I need to constantly evaluate what I NEED to keep and what I WANT to keep.

The children and I started making chains out of cut up pages to decorate the tree, but Tai is mastering the art of cutting and he was at the other end snipping studiously so this little bit is all we have rescued.

Another pile of books were thumbed as I planned my children’s page for 2016. After writing this page monthly for now four and a half years I need to keep rethinking summer autumn, winter and spring themes, along with outdoor activities to get kids off their sofas. That done I now have twelve months worth of notes to pad out and photos to plan. It’s great to have that almost ready for next year.

Tuesday I was able to do standing up jobs and rather sick and tired of sitting for hours I decided to wipe around the elements of the cook top and give it a general clean which then included the bench top and then the splash back and then I looked up. Now I don’t recommend you do this cause it may not be a pretty sight. While it feels like just yesterday this sucker was installed, when I decided a quick wipe over monthly would keep it nice. Obviously ‘someone’ wasn’t doing that and as I reached up and ran the cloth over the first section I realised with horror I couldn’t stop there. An hour later and too tired to look back and appreciate it, I collapsed back in my bum numbing chair, glad to get my feet up again!

Wednesday I had my surgeons check and without the tenderness or delicacy of a nurse, he peeled back the layers of dried blood soaked bandaging and snipped stitches, which I have to say bought tears to my eyes. Silent ones cause I’m a big girl now. It now feels like I have kicked the corner of a door or wall and in that moment, when you dance around and swear as it settles to a painful hot sear, is kind’ve what I have now, so rather better than the feeling of ‘being smashed to a pulp with a brick’. It’s much more manageable. Just focusing on the positive.

Thursday I packed up another boxful of magazines ready for recycle. Another shelf cleared. A good feeling tho it’s instantly filled with a pile of mending that I told to get in the queue when I picked it up off the floor and shoved it in the gap.

Today however both toes were not feeling so happy so I decided to redress them myself and I won’t post a picture as it’s not pretty. I’ve just poured myself a whiskey to help and I’m back to feet up. What?

One day at a time.

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One Response to I hate to tell you this but it appears range hoods are not self cleaning.

  1. renanopolis says:

    Hahahaha Mum the picture of Tai diligently snipping in half every ring you created made me laugh out loud hehe lucky he’s so cute! 🙂 and whiskey, what? Haha LOL xxx

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