Operation ‘2 BIG Toes ‘

My new best friend. Nana’s walking stick. I thought this might come in handy sometime.

I was phoned at home the day before the op to check I was well and had no concerns. Same old questions over and over. We had boxes to tick and mine were all ‘No’. No health conditions.
No medications being taken.
No previous operations or anaesthetics. I’m lucky I guess. Staff could hardly believe me and with each ones questioning there was an ‘are you sure?’ ‘Really’ ‘Nothing at all?’

“How fit are you?” “Moderately” I guessed. “Can you climb two flights of stairs, easily?” they all asked. “No problem” I answered, thinking back to how many times a day I run up and down the stairs at work. I don’t think they believed me as the next question was “So, what do you do to keep fit?” “Weeeeeellll, I have two acres of garden and work five days a week, where I often shift rocks. In fact, I continued, the mammographer, (if that’s a word), told me I had exceptional muscle in my chest wall for a woman of my age,”. Just thought I’d slip that in there. “Ohh”, she seemed impressed at that. “So I don’t ‘work out’ but I do work hard.”

We didn’t have to be there till midday, but I did need to eat breakfast before seven, so was up at five thirty to enjoy the birdsong in the spa, (my last for a few weeks), ate breakfast and put a beef stew into the crock pot. “Everywhere I look there’s food”, I complained to Gilbert. “The chocolate cake is winking at me. The smell of coffee is wafting from the sealed container in the pantry. Even the raw spinach I filled the crock pot with looks delicious” he smiled as he made himself coffee and popped cake on a plate. “Hurrmph, I’ll be outside if you need me”, whereupon I took a wander around the garden. Watered the newly planted trees. Hung out washing. Put out the rubbish bags. All the jobs I needed to get done. It was a strange feeling, like I was going away for a month, when it’s just a few hours.

Checked in. Into the gown. Same questions asked over and over. Surgeon drew all over my feet. More questions. Didn’t worry me. Better than waking up and finding I had a new hip and someone else had their toenails removed. “You will just feel a little drowsy”, the anaesthetist explained as she asked me about where I worked. Lindy had joked that as I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, if the anaesthetist leaves me lying down for five minutes, I’ll just nod off and she’ll wonder if she’s given me the stuff or not. I felt myself drift off as I explained we have 45 different artists bringing their work in, and woke from a very very deep sleep to the sounds of general chatter and monitors beeping, as about six of us were all at various stages in the recovery room.

At check out the forty something anaesthetist told me my hair was lovely and she couldn’t stop looking at it. I laughed and said, “that’s funny”. She said “I don’t normally notice stuff like that but it’s beautiful. Most people colour their hair to stay looking younger but you don’t even look your age. It suits you”. She continued “I was wondering what I’d do with mine when I start to grey and I’m not really into hair colouring but I’m not sure mine will look that good.” It’s been weird how many people comment on my hair since I went grey. I get about one a week and sometimes more. I don’t think Lindy believes me but when I told her last week what two different people commented she said “I will stop dying my hair when people ask, who is the younger sister?” Haha! Sandwiches with coffee and before we knew it we were heading home. Easy peasy!

First day- felt a bit weird, just tired really.
Second day- nauseous all day so cut the painkillers back
Third day – ‘stinging and throbbing’ would be the words I’d use for today. Feels like someone took a couple of bricks and bashed my toes to a pulp. Maree gave me a couple of good books and I’m starting to lose myself in that story so playing invalid is definitely getting easier. I did think I would be up and around today but no way. Just going to try and forget I have feet.

Hmmm not sure I’ll be getting into these babies for the wedding after all. Might be a jandal day.

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One Response to Operation ‘2 BIG Toes ‘

  1. renanopolis says:

    yeah I feel like I’ve had a fair few operations already eek! Super cute shoes Mum! Here’s hoping you are all better in a jiffy but until then, pretending you don’t have feet is a good one… X

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