The good ole days…

Yesterday I visited someone I haven’t seen for more than a year. “Your voice is familiar, she said when I rang to make an appointment, but I couldn’t quite place it till you said your name”.

Ahhhh…we are to be friends again. Not that we fell out. She was my podiatrist and after a little op we were not supposed to meet up again. I was to lead a pain free existence in sensible shoes. Alas, my body had other ideas. Thumbed the suggestion of destroying the nail bed and grew back anyway. “Why aren’t I surprised”, Tracey said, remembering being incredulous that the anesthetic didn’t work. I had almost pulled the arms off the examination chair I was gripping so tightly whilst making exclamations like…”flip!” and “bullrushes!” as she couldn’t leave the job half done.

“…after a couple of tiny little pin pricks of local you won’t feel a thing,” she assured me. “It will be over in a jiffy and you’ll be like new again.

“You lied”, I told her after, “and you’re lucky I didn’t kick you in the head then! Ha…ha” Which was not really a joke.

She said she had never seen anyone who found it painful past administering anesthetic and only 2-3% have regrowth. “Its probably because I have such a healthy constitution and my body just went into repair mode”, I mused. “No, she said without looking up from the trim, clean and grind. You’re just one of the unlucky group whose body doesn’t respond to the chemical I put on there to kill the cells. At least they grew back straight, sometimes they grow back at crazy angles”. I think that was supposed to make me feel better.

Hmmmm, next option is surgery. “I need to think about this a bit”, I confided as I left. “You have a few weeks” she said smiling. I think she then said quietly under her breath…”before they grow back…..”

I WAS going to deal with my teeth this week, that will have to wait now. Blimmin body is falling apart and its all expensive. Its like I’m running a late model Audi when I look more like an old Vauxhall.

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One Response to The good ole days…

  1. renanopolis says:

    Haha nice comparison and good pic inserts (never mind the double up! :)) She sounds so cool, kia kaha Mum and keep up the positivity. At least they grew back straight indeed!!! XXX

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