Wrench the Buxus. Tick.

My first morning back from Christchurch I raced outside to feed the hens and couldn’t resist in the early morning gloom to nip into the garden and glasshouse to check on the seedlings. Lettuce up, cauli up, Bok Choi up and died, silverbeet going great guns.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to just retire and muck around home. I would be working pretty hard I’m sure as I would then need to provide as much of our food as possible. Perhaps we could pick up some part time work and manage by supplementing our groceries with home grown or even trading goods.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a milking cow. I fancy myself on a stool with one side leaning into a warm body as I first strip and then milk her, listening to the milk rhythm of the milk as it fills the tin pail. This is apparently the right terminology for milking. Milk butter and cream are easy, but I would make cheeses and whatever else you can make. Ren helped out on a self sustainable farm in Canada so I told her to find out about it over there. She can be my teacher when she returns.

The other thing we’ll have to learn to do is make wine and beer. Not sure how hard that is but it’s an expensive part of our budget when we’re not earning. We should start practising this soon me thinks. We have the meat thing kind’ve sussed. Just gotta add a pig pen and we’re pretty sorted there.

In the meantime it’s hard to find time in the winter to do anything outside, especially after work with the darkness falling within about ten minutes of arriving home and with the weather against me on some of my days off. I came up with a plan yesterday. I made a list of ten minute jobs.

Plant the garlic bed
Wrench the buxus
Move the rose
Prune the grapevine
Weed around the Rosemary…you get the picture.

If I just do a quick job each night by the end of the week I will have done about an hour. That’s an hour more than I would have done and you’d be surprised how much you can pack into ten minutes when you know the dark is descending. Tonight I had an added bonus of the bird calls as dusk falls. The tui in particular tonight, as several were calling to each other. It was magical!

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One Response to Wrench the Buxus. Tick.

  1. renanopolis says:

    Your energy is incredible my Mum! I don’t know about me teaching you anything! But yeah maybe… ☺️ When I get a new place I’m going to plant herbs and then I’ll be needing your help, as in why is EVERYTHING dead? Hahha!!

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