By the light of the silvery moon

I love the full moon. It has some kind of enchanting, mysterious quality as it hangs heavy in the sky and I often look up to see what it looks like. I’m not the only one as it’s so much a part of songs and stories, history and legends. Tonight I looked around further at the stars to see if I could see the seven sisters silver threaded through the night sky. Known to some as Pleiades and to Maori as Matariki they show themselves only at this time of the year. A time when Maori celebrated their harvests end and those who have passed in the previous year. Obviously there must be seven and truth be told I had no idea where to look, but I feel sure there will be a time when we as a family sit out and Chee will point these out to us all. Chee and Annie’s new little daughter has now been named ‘Piper Matariki’ in honour of the main star, and her being born during Matariki, as well as being our seventh grand daughter, it is beautifully appropriate.

I thought about this as I made my way out to put Paddy the dog out. It was pretty clear and bright and I wouldn’t have needed a torch except the idiot dog may have, just may have, poohed on the path, and being I have stood in this before I had to spoil the beautiful walk to his box, by the light of the silvery moon, with a torch.

If nothing else however, Paddy is clean. Gilbert, purchased a voucher for him to have a bath at a dog wash. I could hardly believe my ears. Gilbert, who claims to hate Paddy. When we have visitors comment on what a lovely dog he is, Gilbert is quick to offer if they might like to take him home as we are looking for a new home for him. It leaves some people a little confused, like Kahu who informs me while lolling around in her bath that she will be five in November, told me she was pretty sure I liked Paddy a lot. I told her it wasn’t true. I actually loved Paddy. I had told her she could come and watch Paddy be bathed but it turned out nobody is allowed to view this most private of occasions for a dog.

I said “pardon?” to the girl when she told me nobody could stay. Not even I, whom I am pretty sure Paddy loves the most in the world. “What does he normally do when you bath him?”, she asks. Ummmm, weeeellll. Actuuuaally we don’t bath him as such. It’s more like a squirt with the hose while someone holds a lead so he doesn’t immediately run off and roll in the cow poo like he did once, as if he had to instantly get rid of the special dog shampoo smell.

“Aha. She nodded, and how often do you squirt him with the hose?” Ummmm, weeeellll. Actuuuaally…about once a year. “So because we don’t know how he will react, I think it’s best if it’s just me in the room”, she nods in agreement with herself and her obvious wealth of dog washing experience. “So come back in about forty minutes ok?”

Hmmm I took one backward look at Paddy who already had an abandoned look, frightened no doubt at the loud barking overlaid with dog shampoo smells and confident he wouldn’t bite her as he’s as timid as a wet rag, I stepped back outside. Paddy is a large male Ridgeback and if he wanted to, he could jump up, put his paws on my shoulders and lick behind my ears, so I wonder how this wee slip of a girl will manage him if he actually doesn’t like the whole doggy bathing deal. This whole conversation was conducted by shouting with the constant barking of I’m guessing ten or more dogs who obviously wanted to meet this great oaf of a dog that had just arrived. When I left I looked back at the sign and saw it was a ‘doggy daycare’. Jeepers you’d have a headache working there. I got back in the car and feeling like I had just left my pre-schooler at kindy for the first time, raced off to do the twenty jobs I had lined up and arrived back just as they reappeared from the wash room.

Paddy was overjoyed to see he hadn’t been given away and couldn’t wait to get out’ve the joint. Probably like me he was finding the noise hard too handle. “Was he good?” I shouted “oh yes” she nodded with a smile. “He was a little unsure of the shower at first but loved the massage!”
I bet he did. Well Paddy my boy I don’t know when they’ll half price those doggy showers and massages but until then it just might be a squirt with the hose….but not for a good few months. We normally do that in summer and that’s a little while away now. Then Chee and Annie will be up to introduce their newest little one to the rest of the family. I’ll be able say… “Piper, meet Paddy” and “Paddy, this is Piper, and if you so much as look like licking her behind the ears I’ll punch you in the nose”

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One Response to By the light of the silvery moon

  1. renanopolis says:

    Hahahaha good one Mum 🙂 🙂 “ummmmm… wellllllll…” Hahaha!! I can just imagine! X

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