Kerikeri bake house Cafe’s award winning seafood chowder!

We needed to get a statue to Kerikeri so booked a BnB up there to make it a nice relaxing couple of days. We left home later than we intended at 6.30 am which meant we hit almost peak traffic with our first stop in bumper to bumper traffic as soon as we turned onto the motorway at Drury. There is no way I could do this daily grind in a car. Bus or train maybe, but not driving. Its such a waste of time…

We stopped for a brunch and coffee at about 10am and just missed getting doused in hot coffee with the lady next to us dropping her double shot, skinny soy latte…Geez the choices we have now is mind boggling. The cleaner came out and mopped the floor with the rolls royce of wet mops and we marveled as we left, how isolated we are these days when mops and coffee choices are incredibly interesting? Just another two hours to go and we dropped the first load at a garden centre where I was thrilled to find seed potatoes. You can’t buy them until spring now down our way because of the frosts but Im sure I’ll be Okay here chosing purple passion and Ilam Hardy. Two to three months to wait. Yum yum.

Then we arrived at our second delivery where a lady had an insurance claim as one of her statues was beheaded. Her whole garden was full of Phoenix Italia. One of our great customers and we soon had her new one in position and the headless one moved, Gilbert having re glued her head back on, good as new. She kept trying to give Gilbert $50 as a thank you for doing the gluing, telling him don’t tell the boss. Gilbert said not to worry, we appreciated her support of our product. She sneaked up behind him and slipped some cash into his back pocket and skipped off delighted with her clever trickery and then once we were packed up kissed and hugged us both goodbye, waving us up the road assuring us she would be down to see us again one day soon. She was just lovely.

We stopped at Kerikeri Bakehouse Cafe on the main road and chose their ‘award winning seafood chowder’ and man it was award winning in my book. It was thick and chunky, full of seafood and came accompanied with chunky hunks of homemade bread. I licked the platter clean as I noticed other patrons did. I can totally recommend the place and their food. As we left we noticed a windmill that is similar to one we sold once and enjoyed watching it spinning as it pumped water onto the neighbouring garden centres plants. Very simple.

We meandered around a few shops before heading to our BnB and met Julia who never stopped talking from her first hello. It was mesmerising just watching her as she was so animated and had her breathing so synchronised she could have been an Olympic swimmer in a previous life.

Every few minutes or so she had a little dance routine going on where she slipped her left hand in to her neckline and lowering her shoulder ever so slightly grabbed and hoisted up her bra strap and without pause slipped her left shoulder down and did the same before grabbing either side of the back of her trousers, flicking one knee forward and then the other as she tugged her waistband up and over her rather large bottom. I had trouble concentrating on everything as she beckoned us to look around the site, pointing out places to walk and the stream and Rebecca on the mower. “She does the man bits and I do the lady bits” she confessed before throwing her head back and laughing uproariously. I took her to mean they were lesbians so it was a bit of a surprise to be introduced to a quiet, softly spoken man a little later who was her partner. Turns out Rebecca is her cousin!

Excusing ourselves to our room but not before being introduced to the dog, the fish and the bird, we shut the door quietly and lay back on the bed. “Jaysus, she can talk”, Gilbert said. We were going to go for a walk but Gilbert didn’t want to leave the room again for fear of being pounced on.

We left to go out for dinner a little later choosing an Italian restaurant set up in an old house and it was amazing. The chef took the time to come to the table next to us to discuss what the family had eaten last time they visited, which was no longer on the menu, and what he could substitute as they had loved it so much. That’s service. Served by family and in a house surrounded by family photos on the wall, it did feel little bit like we had visited old friends…except for the American ladies who spoke quite loudly spoiling the atmosphere a tad.

Fully stuffed we sneaked back in but Julia was on the sofa and Gilbert dived back into our room as soon as he could and she wished us a good sleep. I asked her what time they get up there and when she said about 8 am I said well I’ll say Goodbye now as we’ll get an early start as we’ve got a big day tomorrow. She was sooo friendly and the property was being set up like a 50’s camp ground which was pretty cool.

How crazy are these fish? They hand feed them and Julia says they bite. Not for me I’m afraid!

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  1. Graham says:

    Thanks T
    sounds like a continuation of your fellas travels
    lovely read

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