Happy Birthday to Mum!

We just celebrated Mums birthday like we used to with Mum but with a couple of differences. Firstly, we celebrated away from Mums place. For the last few years we have always gathered at her place but now Mum is gone and the house is sold, Lindy offered her place, and to be sure we were all safe made it a sleepover. We invited our daughters to join us this time and the numbers swelled with the younger Mothers and their babies. Here’s my three gorgeous daughters.

I wore my nightie of course. If you were going to wear your nightie anywhere, the most sensible place is a sleepover. Tara’s was the youngest with little Leilani just three months old which is such a delightful age and many times Duane thought she might just slip her into her handbag and take her home for more snuggles.

Hmmm, little colour difference girls?

We had such a good time with the music cranked up and once Van started ‘bright side of the road’ I shed a little tear remembering Mums funeral service but the little ones kept us on task thoroughly enjoying the dancing and party atmosphere.

Tara, Monie and Ren made a delicious dessert in memory of Mum who couldn’t abide waste and during the feijoa season would make everything with feijoas in. We laughed remembering feijoa cakes and biscuits and slices. Nothing was safe as she chucked them into almost anything, sweet or savoury. Tonight we had an apple, rhubarb and feijoa crumble…well it is feijoa season after all.

We danced and sang late into the night, more unruly after the little ones were taken home and tucked up for the night, and another highlight was Lindy pulling out her ‘dress up’ chest. Mum would have loved this as we strutted around in ensembles from the forties forward, some perfect fits and some not so perfect. Sara tucked an outfit into her handbag for a wedding she’s going to in Queenstown and Lindy kept searching for her bridesmaids dress from my wedding, assuring us she could still fit it. I have no doubts Lindy. Probably the only one among us able to do this!

A fabulous night of fun and I loved every minute of it. Even the bit where Lindy made us be quiet and she replayed her answer phone messages where Mums last six or so messages are still saved there. Hardly a dry eye for that. I hope you don’t wipe that by accident Lindy. It was so precious hearing her voice again.

…and so another year passes. This is a very precious tradition where even now Mums gone, us sisters and sister In laws reconnect each year in an atmosphere of complete freedom and acceptance. Having been teenagers together, weddings following each other and then Motherhood close on each other’s heels, we have all traveled similar paths which have crossed many times. As we age and move into new stages of life, we can share as women our future challenges, and remember our past that is so strongly linked. Thanks to you all who have all contributed, supported and welcomed me at every step of the way. I love you all!

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