That’s my Daddy!

“Daddy…!” Aneeka called at quiet times of the Powhiri as she spotted her Dad in a key role of the groups Welcome. We knew what went on as both Lauren and Simone had attended Outward Bound as students but seeing it first hand was cool especially with Chee’s involvement.

Here’s the group arriving at Anakiwa. No doubt some nervous and shy as they begin a three week course that will most likely create some changes in their life. Anakiwa is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful places with the hills reflecting beautiful colours as the light changes through the day and the Malborough Sounds providing a natural back drop to their challenges.

…and Chee does the Whaikorero as natural as if it’s his first language. Well to me anyway!
Beautiful words and a natural flow. It’s been great to see him in the environment that he has blossomed in. No doubt much has challenged his thinking over his time here both the leaders and colleagues as well as the participants contributing.

We as a Whanau have gained from his time here as well and new challenges await he and his family as they move on soon. Awesome weekend and we are very proud.

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