Blood Moon

Our day started early with a Blood Moon which I’m not sure why but I’ve never seen or heard of before. Chee told us it would be short lived so if we wanted to see it we’d need to get up at about 1am. I looked back at him as I said goodnight and told him to send me a pic and I’d pretend I’d seen it in my blog, but after brushing my teeth decided I should take a peek. I might not get another chance. I came back out and asked Chee to tap on my door and I would come out. That was before I found out there was four this year!

He did and we ventured out the front door at 1am and it was better than I hoped. This is the pic taken with my Phone.

…and this is the pic taken with Chees. A definite reddish haze over the moons surface.

I’m afraid these pictures don’t do it justice but it’s a good reminder that the world is much more than ourselves living a little pocket.

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