A crock pot, red wine, hot shower and bed is a great recipe after a long walk.

Easter gives us a nice break and we decided to spend it with Channie in Anakiwa. They leave there in a couple of months and it’s a good opportunity to spend some time with them and see a bit of the life they have lived as instructors at Outward Bound.

A really beautiful spot in New Zealand in the Marlborough Sounds we are pretty lucky to experience it all at their sides. Meeting the group they work with who are so people focused is a pleasure. They all take time to ask about what we do and how we enjoyed our trip when Chee took a few months off to run our business while away.

This is Jake pushing Aneeka. There are a number of families here and it’s an amazing way to bring up children with the freedom of a safe and small community around them. A communal garden and dinners and a general sharing of life that makes the bonds here that much tighter.

Everyone is a buzz about the stags ‘roaring’ and I awake at about 2am in the night wondering if I heard it or imagined it but quickly drop back to sleep. I hear the next day that many were woken by it but also it could have been the boys who love hunting here who are pretty good at ‘roaring’ themselves and have been known to bring one down from the hills

Chee takes us on a walk of about twelve kilometres of the Queen Charlotte. It’s quite an easy path and we stop for a snack with an amazing view of the sounds.

Aneeka happily rode in the back pack. She is definitely going to be an outdoors girl. It was pretty funny at the end as we come down almost to the final stretch and a high pitched yapping like a dog starts up and I look up the hill to see what’s happening. Two young girls come out giggling hysterically and as we join their laughing they tell us they’ve been waiting for hours to try it out on someone. I tell them they did really sound like dogs though just quietly more like a Bichon Freize than a german shepherd, so can’t really say I was scared. “Maybe don’t do that to the next people, Chee advises, they’re quite old” Lots of people walking, biking, running although I’m happy when we reach the end as I’m really feeling myself start to stiffen up and welcome the hot shower. Annie has an amazing crock pot ready, full of beef and every imaginable vegetable simmering and after a couple of red wines, bed feels fantastic.

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