We had a garden group come the other day. Well in the end because of the threat of cyclone Pam actually only four adults, a bunch of kids came… and two of the adults were our daughters, Tara and Monie with their kids, so I guess they technically don’t count as visitors.330

Candace is involved in community gardens and also makes a range of homemade cosmetics and Karen is involved in community waste reduction. It was so lovely to share the garden with people who are enthusiastic about gardening AND recycling.

They oohed and ahhhed over our compost bin and how we repurposed a bath as a worm farm, among many other things. They snacked on grapes and marveled at our tomatoes. “They left buzzing”, Tara said, and I know just what she means. When I visit anyone all I want to see is the veg patch, how they have strung up their beans and what they have done to keep the birds off the strawberries. It’s all business when it comes to gardening and it’s so nice to have your back patted once in a while as it can be such a solo pass time.

Last day off, I went to the library as I have an idea to do something in origami. I’ve tried to follow U-tube examples, but my efforts look like something a three year old might have made. I have the patience of a gnat so decided a book might serve me better. When I got in there I remembered I wanted a book on weeds too. A book that will tell me what weeds are good to eat and to plant in the hen run. I’m sure I’m chucking lots of good stuff away. I’m not that familiar with a library. Usually I walk in and am stopped in my tracks by the first display and choose a book from there so get no further than 10 metres in. Today I was determined. I had a note in my phone-no paper like all the clever organised people have.

Everybody was busy, so I walked up to the computer that looked like it could help me. They have the damn thing set so high with my transitional lenses I had to tip my head back like a roster about to crow, to actually read it. I don’t know if I’m stupid but these things never seem easy. I was tapping the bloody screen for about five minutes before I realised there was a mouse so I gave that a go, and sure enough it worked. I looked around furtively to see if anyone noticed but they were all having very important conversations. I had to go to the help screen to find out what to do and figured out to type in a keyword so carefully looking up and down I typed in ‘weeds’. I had to do this about seven times cause every time I touched the mouse it skittered around the screen like the mice who are careering around our kitchen at the moment. We seem to be catching them regularly enough I think we must have somehow adopted the neighbours share as well!

Finally I get to a book about weeds on the screen and I’m clever enough to know I need a number to match with the long rows of books on shelves, but for the life of me I can’t find one. So I click in and out of there a few times but nothing changes until I finally see the words ‘e-book’. What the hell is an e-book? So I go to the next one down which was a shame as that one looked interesting. Ahhh I have a number here and I jot it down and close the screen when a lady nearly gives me a heart attack sneaking up behind me and asks me if she can help. I tell her I have this number and I just need to find it on the shelves. I’m super confident this cant be too hard.

She asks if it was in THIS library? Well look here lady it’s your bloody computer. What’s it doing there if it’s not in your library I think as I look at her blankly. She explains its all the Auckland libraries nfo now and we need to know which library it’s in. ‘We’ll go look it up here’ she says as she moves over to her desk and sits down and asks me, “so… who was the author?” “Ummm… I have a number”, I say. “Aha…What was the title?” She asks.” Ummm… I can’t remember. I just wrote down the number”, I mumble, but then suddenly I get a lucid picture in my mind of a title and blurt out the e-book title by mistake and before I know it she has typed at the speed of light and found it. “Yes we have this here”, she says “but that’s a different number?” I explain It’s a different book. I’m not going to ask her about the e-book thing. She’s already on her way to a shelf so I happily follow and it’s a marvel… I know, she goes straight to it!

I leave the library happy I have my book on weeds I wanted and I put my seat belt on and look at the title. ‘Weeds in the garden of Eden- a journey back to family roots and life in a traditional Croatian Village’. Whhhhat! Oh well, This will be interesting I think but as I drive out I smack the steering wheel. Damn. I didn’t get one on actual weeds and forgot to look for the one on origami….next week perhaps.

Talk soon!

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  1. Thanks again for such an amazing day in your garden, I learnt so much! 🙂

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