Rain Dancing

As I write this rain is lashing at the windows and gusty squalls are galloping down drainpipes-dropping the temperature and hopefully soaking into those deep wide cracks that have opened up.

We’ve been treated to the most glorious of summers…if you happened to be beachside. Working in the hot sun with concrete reflecting the heat back at us has been gruelling some days to say the least. If I thought a rain dance might work I’d have been out there night and morning…until the promise of cyclone Pam. We havent had rain for weeks and it started tonight. I listened and wondered if little ones, like Tai whose just two, will be amazed having not seen rain for so long?

i couldn’t wait to get home from work and get the last jobs done for the day. Frantically running around the lawns before dinner and then after showering slipping into bed with my book and the delicious anticipation of the rain lulling me to sleep. There is something very soothing about rain on the roof. I wonder as I write that whether its always been that way.. Did the cavemen drift off to sleep or were they huddled around fires thinking about not being able to go hunting if it doesn’t stop. And what about our pioneer women. Did they curse the rain barely able to ge washing dry on a good day without the spin cycle to take most of the water out or a dryer for back up!

Thinking of that takes me back to the days of camping and I can vividly recall rain on the flapping tent was not soothing at all! Then I think about those who are in a brand new homes. Double glazing and full insulation would barely let the sound of rain in. Ahhh. We’re so lucky to be in a house built in the forties!

It’s been a busy few weeks though work in the garden almost came to halt as it’s just too hot and dry. Lindy and I were wandering around the garden other day and as we came into the shed I lifted the lid of our emergency bin. A big steel box that I could fit in if I tried its so big. We set it up after the Christchurch earthquake so we were ready for anything. “You got yours set up” I asked Lindy. “Nah, she said, I’m coming here, looking at this you’ll have enough for me too!” But as I glanced down I could see water at the bottom, things were mouldy and it didn’t smell great either. “Bloody Hell!!” I said, and a few other things…

It took months to set this up. Between constantly thieving from it at the start and eating and having to restock it, it also took ages to buy up enough click clack containers to store food in. Finally full and checked off with first aid and sleeping bags, we hoped we’d never need it. The year flew by and another before I thought to check, and most of it was out of date. We ate it anyway, between us and the dog and the chooks, and I put an alarm on my phone to refresh it in a years time, and now I looked with horror thinking it might all go to waste. One of the bottom 4 litre water containers had leaked. We started to pull stuff out and it was quite interesting. Everything in the click clack containers were fine. Anything in Tupperware had gone mouldy tho to be fair they were old containers and probably don’t close properly. The sleeping bag zips won’t open or close but washed up ok.

Toilet rolls went to compost and the chooks were in seventh heaven with weetbix mash for breakfast. Started washing up and refilling and note in my phone for another year!

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