27th Jan 2015-garden dehydration.

There’s so much to do in the garden it’s unbelievable. It feels likes whenever I’ve got my back turned in the vegie garden, everything else is sneaking up a few inches and parts of the garden has weeds that are over my head and are more like trees!

I have been heading out each opportunity into different areas of the garden and mostly don’t know where to start. I step out the door thinking ‘I’ll tackle the lavender hedge’, and before I know it, I’ve moved from there and I’m tidying up the grapevine. I’ve been getting sidetracked left, right and centre, so I decided the best thing to do is to make a list. I walked all around the property with a clipboard and made a list of jobs. Then I prioritised them and ended up with a shit load that needs to be done right now. With the list staring at me, I decide I’ve just got to knuckle down and do it and try to stick to one job at a time. I remind myself my new mantra is to ‘finish’ so I start each job with the expectation that I will ‘finish’ it before I start a new one. Sometimes I find myself doing something else and have to redirect myself like a naughty child, back to the task I started.

The other day I looked around and decided I would weed the subtropical orchard. I had a few things backed up hinging on getting that finished. Once I had done that I could empty the compost bin down there to feed them, and once I had done that I could start a new compost pile with piles that were accruing. After a couple of hours and with a self satisfied smile I stood back and surveyed how much better it looked, and it would look once composted and mulched. I was so rapt I went straight inside to find the list. Nothing feels better than putting a line through jobs on a list. I stared at the list in disbelief.

I couldn’t believe it because I hadn’t actually added ‘weed subtropical orchard’ to the list. I had nothing to cross off. Can’t be having that I thought and quickly wrote…’weed subtropical orchard’ and put a line through it. Yes! That’s one job crossed off arhhhh! That feels better.

I’m always foraging looking for things the chooks will enjoy and throwing over their fence. They love it and their fat bums are scrambling to get the choicest bits. I should have planted sunflowers and more corn. It was a bit late by the time we got home but they would have loved that!

I’m looking for a foraging book for us too. I bet there’s a heap of delicious ‘weeds’ out there. The other night I found a patch of baby Puha and swiped it up and chucked it into our noodle stir fry. It was fantastic and so full of goodness. I bet there’s heaps of things out there amongst the ‘weeds’ we could be eating, so I think I’ll do bit of research on that. I asked for a book about knowing your weeds at paper plus while waiting for Gilbert other day and the guy took me to section on how to deal with weeds, so not quite what I wanted but I’ll find one sooner or later that does the job. Once I know that, I will plant it out in the resting hen runs so it’s there for them to forage on!

This is shaping up to be a pretty dry, hot summer. Can’t be any complaints from holiday makers with each day long and hot. I keep thinking of how wet it was when Rina and Tanja came, when we had the wettest summer for 100 years or something. It rained for almost the whole three weeks they were here. There was none of the normal worry about running out of water and we despaired as each day began with drizzle.

In this weather tho I have to make sure to keep myself hydrated. I bought a cool green 600ml bottle and that’s definitely not enough so try to drink that in morning and the 750 ml in the afternoon. It’s hard not being fond of water. Especially working at YardArt where we are down a dip so the breeze wafts over us and as the concrete heats up it passively lets it go and I feel like a turkey basting. Today Lindy found a baby hedgehog had slipped into our pond and was paddling for his life. Don’t know how long he’d been in there but he was exhausted when hauled out. Little heart beating overtime. Bet he had just leaned over for a sip! The heat is ridiculous and even a customer commented about it being too hot to keep looking the other day. I had started to feel unwell as the day wore on and went to bed early and woke with a stinking headache so more water is what I will be concentrating on….and after a big day in the garden a vodka to rehydrate and relax. Oh yeah!

I know. I knooooow. Cats are up fighting on the roof as I write this. Hope Jeebus wins!

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1 Response to 27th Jan 2015-garden dehydration.

  1. Graham says:

    HEY T
    haha yes i have nothing better to do/well i forgot to tell yous i am in the throes of a major clean up of my abode hah
    something Sand told me the other day, at our age? huh? ha we have to ‘get a/the young ones in, and they will happily/readily ‘do the job, efficiently’
    NO dont worry Whanau i am not proposing you for work/what are ya haha
    no i am thinking bite the bullett, get some professional garners in to , do the initial work, get that done and then you can get back to enjoying maintaining etc ha ..

    that will be 150-00 consultation fees please!
    you have till the 14th to have it all presentable ha
    ‘now to hide, from you and Gil ..
    ps that Dads outfit supposed to be reasaonable huh?

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