Happy New Year-2015 part two…

If you are getting my posts automatically you may be wondering what happened with Happy New Year, My last post?

Finding ourselves alone after XMAS, Gilbert and I went out for dinner and then decided to go to the movies. The movie was to start in an hour and Gilbert got out his ipad. I sat there tapping my fingers and watching the people straggling in and out when I remembered I could email on my phone. Yay for technology! I wrote a line or two and went to sweep the page up, swept past the send button and whoosh it was gone. Damn I thought remembering that happened last time I used this stupid as ph to write an email… closed the screen and said to Gilbert “lets go for a walk and get a coffee…”, and never thought about it again!

Movie was a good one by the way. Russell Crowe in the ‘Water Diviner’ with a WW1 story. These war stories are sobering as you realise the young men, sent off to war, to what seemed an adventure to a young 18 or 20 yr old, and so many never to return. The ‘hell on earth’ they experienced on both sides of the front. The family praying for a safe return and some families losing two and three family members. The seeming senseless loss of good people from all countries. Particularly poignant right now for me as I contemplate letters and memorabilia from our Uncle during his time in WW2 Nana kept safe, and how best to not only keep these safe for our family, but being such a complete story, making them available for future generations.

So we have a quiet house once again. Channie have returned to live and work in Anakiwa. We will all miss them so much. DnA returned to Waiheke. Monie has been coming and going with the children, which has been lovely and in between visits to the newest baby.

We have still been very busy each day working in the garden at every opportunity. I slip inside for the hottest time of the day when, sorting through draws and cupboards and enjoying the feeling you get when things are in order.

I never have done New Years resolutions but this is shaping up as a year of finishing. I have soo many half finished projects I want to make time to ‘complete’ this year. I have sewing and knitting and art ideas on the go and am looking forward to getting my boxes emptied. One at a time! Started and finished the ironing box other day while Tai who is now close to 18months watched intrigued and curious at this thing that I could hold that blew out hot steam like a monster!

This last couple of weeks I have planted in the veg garden like crazy and then realised I have emptied my veg garden water tank and have to pray for rain. We went to Tara’s and installed their spa and Gilbert helped Sifa build a fence while I primped and preened Tara’s veg garden between cuddling new baby and then came to Waiheke for the weekend.

We bought the little ironing board that I had set up in my sewing room and Damen loved to iron on it while I sewed and pressed beside him, thirty something years ago. “Oh I have to have it now!” Amy exclaimed after I told her and so we delivered it to Tui and Maire who spent several hours busily pressing anything that lay close to hand

Concert on Waiheke fundraising for protest at proposed marina in Matiatia, live bands and a good turn out.

So been a fabulous few days visiting and staying with different kids and helping them finish projects. It must be fabulous to be retired and doing this full time!

Speaking of retirement…

This is one of the performing groups on Waiheke. The ‘hip hoperation’ group of oldies ranging from 60s to 100. Don’t know ages for sure but there are a few close to the 100 mark I believe and they meet once a week. Fabulous. I can see me in one of these groups when I’m old. Ahem….

Talk soon

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