The midwife arrived just ten minutes before baby.

We had XMAS day at Tara’s as it was her due date and she said “I’m not going anywhere, so if you want me to be there you better come to me, and bring your own food!” So we did and had a lovely relaxed XMAS day with scones for lunch and a ham and all the trimmings for dinner.

Managed to catch this very cool snap of our five kids.

Then Damen handed Gilbert and I a very special gift. We were both gob smacked as we opened it. Speechless, I am not very often, but this was amazing. He had taken my travel blog and printed it, complete with pics and comments, into a beautifully bound book.

To see my words in print is pretty cool but to be able to relive each part by flicking through pages will be a treasure for ever. I flicked to the last page and read my letter to Mum as we made our way home and that really made me cry. I sobbed my thank yous into Damen’s shirt as we hugged and as I hold it now I still can hardly believe it.

Boxing Day bought Tara’s contractions in fits and starts and today on the 27th December they began again in earnest until at 5.45pm when we welcomed their new little girl into their family with a water birth at home. I called the midwife and said the contractions seemed to have ramped up a bit and she said she would pop around, arriving just ten minutes or so before baby made an entrance. It was a beautiful and relatively relaxed labour and birth with everything going exactly as it should. Her two boys moved easily between the rooms and Aunty Ren managed to distract them when needed. We all walked to the park to get outtve the house, stopping for the odd rest. They made Tara a smoothie and had been involved in much of the planning. Like helping to make the clay containers the placenta will be buried in at home in a tree planting. Decorating her birthing mat before it was covered in plastic and preparation of her first clothes to wear.

A little treasure, she is our ninth grand child!

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