12 Dec 14- in case you were wondering…

So this is a little bit of what I have been busy doing…

Yes, you see it seems I strained my hamstring on the travelator at the Malaysian airport before boarding our last flight home. I knew I had pain in my knee during the flight, and getting off, but thought it was just because I had sat still for so long. A few weeks of taping and physio exercises and I’m back on track. Allowed back in the spa and ripping into the garden like there’s no tomorrow.

It needs a little love though Channie did a great job and I’m throughly enjoying a nightly hour or so. It’s so satisfying taking head high weeds and pulling them out and stacking for compost before planting or mowing. Veggie garden comes first and I’m nearly finished in there. An hours work gives great satisfaction. Gilbert’s been steadily working away with the water blaster and the deck looks like new. I’ll do a pic in a few days time.

And there was a buying trip to Napier too for XMAS stock where we stayed with a really lovely couple who run a BnB there. We shared some lovely wine and their quite different travel stories which were inspiring. It was lovely to be driving through NZ scenery with new eyes. I felt really relaxed and excited to be back at work. That’s what a good rest does for you!

Flat out at work and just a couple of weeks to go before we shut for three weeks off, during which we will hopefully deliver baby Moko number nine. Tara’s planned a home birth and looking fit and well, so we are looking forward to welcoming him or her to the Whanau soon. Such a special time as our Whanau grows. Nine little ones with the oldest just six and each one individual, beautiful and welcome. We’re going strong!

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