Thursday 13th November – nothing like a bunch kids lined up with Welcome Home Posters

Awesome Welcome Home!

I was worried as we headed to Customs that when they saw all the handbags and Moroccan rugs we might have been up for some duty to pay, but Bio security had a few questions to start with. When he asked me if we had been out in the wilderness at all he was wowed by the camel riding story and waved us straight through. The lady in front of us was stopped by the sniffer dog cause she had an apple or something in her bag and so we got waved straight through that section. At the next stage Gilbert was asked if all those bottles were within the allowed limit and he looked to me. “Yep”, I said, already almost through the exit and this is what bought a tear to my eye…

Nothing like a bunch of kids lined up with posters. Too cute!

I can’t get over that it feels like some time in the past we went away and had this awesome trip…but it’s is definitely in the past. Verrrry happy to be home. Chee and Kieran did dinner and we talked and laughed until close to midnight. Kids here all the next day and last night Lindy came after work. I cooked a simple Chinese meal and then we sat and talked and laughed until two in the morning.

I’m signing out now for a bit and I may just fall back into my garden and family updates from time to time. It’s been nice having you for company. Au Revoir!

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2 Responses to Thursday 13th November – nothing like a bunch kids lined up with Welcome Home Posters

  1. Gilbert and Trish,
    Rita and I followed your adventures with delight,
    Welcome home and will catch up soon.
    Our best wishes,
    Trevor and Rita

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