Wednesday 5th October – a different kind of sunrise

Didn’t feel well yesterday. We were going to go and find the local bus to town, but after a hearty breakfast and feeling pretty full Gilbert came back with what looked like steamed black bean buns. Wow, he was as excited as a kid at Easter finding a big chocolate egg. Just like Goong’s soft creamy outside with the rich sweet and sticky black bean inside. Now he knew they were actually black bean, he went back for more and asked me if I wanted one too. I had just told him I couldn’t fit another thing in but ate one anyway from the plateful he returned with. So being ever the pig I now felt terrible. “I think that bun took me over the line I said, I need a lie down”

We went back to our chalet and I lay down to read and didn’t wake till 3pm with Gilbert snoring beside me. He stirred when I got up to check the time and we both couldn’t believe we could have slept that long. “Ya gunna blog about us eating ourselves sick and then sleeping all day?” Gilbert laughed. “I wonder if this is jet lag I said. How could anyone sleep that long unless we were actually sick…?” Feeling better we went down to the main bar and caught happy hour where I got a glass of wine which was one of the nicest Shiraz I’ve ever had. I decided on my second one I would skip dinner as well. We took a walk in the evening air and met an English couple our age. It’s always interesting how most people don’t talk to others until someone breaks the ice. I consider that my job, so I ask “Nice dinner?” as we pass the restaurant exit together.

“Honestly?, the guy answers, no” and goes on to tell us he ordered steak and it was so tough he’d be “lucky if ‘is dog could have et it.” He’s never returned food before but this he had to, and they said they appreciated him giving the feedback! We had a few laughs as we walked the stretch of beach together marvelling at the perfection of it all. They have two and a half acres in Essex. Grandchildren they are very close to and came to KL as their daughter whose lived there for three years teaching has just delivered a six week prem baby. They’ve come to Langkawi for a few days break.

I was worried I might not sleep but didn’t open my eyes until 7.30. We sleep with our drapes open and I had been trying to catch the sunrise. Gilbert said he thought it was about 7.30 but it’s a bit like someone has turned the dimmer up on the light switch as opposed to a sun rising over the horizon, nestled as we were amongst tall trees. It had just started to rain. Big fat drops hitting the glossy leaves before slipping to the ground and soaking in. I guess that’s what happens when you are in a rain forest. I lay just absorbing the morning sounds when suddenly through the tall trees the sun glowed orange. I watched as it sneaked it’s way poking through here and there climbing the leaves through the gaps until it was too high into the treetops to follow. A different kind of sunrise to home, very different certainly to the Sahara desert.

I felt so much better this morning. I think yesterday’s glitch must have been jet lag, and I’m also starving. At the breakfast bar I go and get juice and Gilbert returns with a plateful of curry. I say…”are you sure about that?” “Yep he says, we can have porridge and omelettes any day. I’m sticking with curry. It’s what these guys do best”… and I can’t help but agree and come back with a plate of my own and finish with a black bean bun too.

After breakfast we nip down to the local village but it’s become very touristy. Each shop selling the same tat. The only money machine for miles is ‘offline’ so we have no cash at all having completely forgotten about that heading in from London. Perhaps that’s a good thing I’m thinking as I survey the racks of twisty snakes, hand sewn handbags and Langkawi magnets.

Back to the pools and I decide to get out my sketch pad. I have to say the word sketch translates as ‘fast’ to me but the more I look and draw, the more time consuming it is. I’m realising there’s a lot of mathematics in there. Distances and angles and straight lines. Being true to what you see, not what you think you see. Soft fuzzy shadows and contrasts of light and dark, hard and soft and how you convey that with one pencil.

I complete one pencil sketch over a couple of hours and sit back and think it’s not that bad. I will see say what Damen says. I will maybe do some art lessons with Pam. Refine these skills a little more. I’m liking drawing. If I ever have time at home I’ll add it to my list of things I want to do in my spare time. Yeah right.

It’s five so we decide to have a drink and we’re booked into an hour evening jungle trek at seven she we will learn about Tropical rain forests.

Talk soon

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