Sunday 2nd November – the whole rain forest is breathing…

Looked after very well by Malaysian Airlines and even the twelve or thirteen hr one from London wasn’t toooo bad. It was an A380 and we were in the upper deck so a much smaller amount of people and more attentive crew with much faster exit as we have a separate door. Did have a funny little incident where in the dead of the night when the whole plane was quiet and a few just watching movies I got up to go to the toilet. Waiting patiently, the door suddenly opened and a guy came out and stood and stared at me for a second with beads of sweat across his forehead. I thought for a second that he may have been sick or something and wondered about using that toilet but as I stepped forward I saw the door had been relocked. I was a bit confused actually how that could be, but then it dawned on me someone was still in there and I went and used the one on the other side. Hmmmm. You’d have to be an acrobat. At least it wouldn’t be easy!

We arrived at Langkawi at about noon flying from Kuala Lumpur but we’d lost twelve hours plus somewhere and we’re pretty shot. We were here ten years ago for our 28th Wedding anniversary and there’s been a few changes but the hotel is pretty much as I remember it. Refurbished, but the same.

I took this pic off the website but it is exactly the same. It is a stand alone chalet on stilts. The balcony out the doors sit over the leafy ground cover and we overlook a lush tropical rain forest. It’s at least 30 degrees when we land. Hot and steamy as we walk out across the tarmac but the trees here keep our chalet cool. I had a shower and lay down as I wasn’t feeling too good and when I woke a few hours later, it was if I could hear the whole place breathing with a gentle snore as it exhaled. Gilbert was in the bathroom. I went and sat on the balcony and closed my eyes to listen. It’s incredible but the whole forest is breathing with the insects symphony providing a rise and fall just like someone sleeping.

A little gecko ruins across the inner wall and as long as he’s not in my bed I guess I can manage.
We decided to get room service tonight and it’s delicious. I just have a light chicken soup that has vermicelli and peanuts while Gilbert orders a Rendang chicken curry. I just have a spoonful but it’s amazing.

Then there’s a knock at the door and we have this delivered. Wow! Back in February when we booked Langkawi I asked if we could have a chalet, like we had for our wedding anniversary ten years earlier and they must have made a note of that. That’s pretty cool! I don’t even know what the big red fruit is? Maree, you probably know. What the hang is that?

Just resting my swollen ankles and tomorrow we will check out the beach and the pool. Eight nights of perfection and then home. We have really started off on the right note or should I say ended!

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One Response to Sunday 2nd November – the whole rain forest is breathing…

  1. renanopolis says:

    Beautiful! I know what you mean about the rainforest breathing, I remember lying and listening in Borneo but I couldn’t put it into words like that! Awesome mum 🙂 that’s a dragon fruit. Slice it in half and then scoop out the white flesh, it has a thousand little black seeds. Delicious!! I saw them at the market here so we can get them here now too. Wonder why they didn’t give you any durian? Haha xxx

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