Friday 31st October – Nothing to declare

Jeepers some of these airports screen EVERYONE going in. Just like in turkey every bag and handbag through x-ray at Casablanca, even if you’re just saying goodbye to someone or helping them carry their bags. I should be grateful I suppose as it makes the place safer but its a pain. So to fly today we have been through two separate x Rays and four different passport checkpoints.
Every single passport check we go through people comment on our NZ passports and how nice they are. Not just here. Everywhere!

Just a three hour flight and on arrival to London we had to go through single file past a sniffer dog. He just watched everyone until Gilbert passed, and then he jumped up and followed him sniffing his bags. I was pretty sure Gilbert hadn’t packed any contraband, but maybe the biscuits he had were appealing as the Handler had to pull him back on task.

Went to the information desk once landed and the lady who looked like Bet from Coronation Street Pub said. “You’ll need to go to the 6th and take the 285 at Hattons” “Are they buses?” I ask. “Yeah.”
“So where do I go to catch that, and is it one or two buses, and I’m guessing I need cash for the bus?” Two buses she says. The 6 and then the 285 from Hattons. You’ll need an Oyster card they won’t take cash” she says. Woah. I’m just going to get a taxi. Piss me off actually, this place was advertised as an airport hotel and they don’t run a shuttle service. We take a taxi. It was bloody Ā£20 to get to the hotel we had prebooked and another Ā£20 back out first thing in the morning tomorrow, which is ridiculous. If it was Ren she’d probably sneak under some stairwell and snuggle down for the night but wayyyy too old for that!

Countdown started for home. I watched the three Moroccan sisters yesterday in the train giggling together and laughing full belly laughs after their week together holidaying and I realised I really miss that. That history of years. That silken bond that keeps family together no matter what passes. I miss the kids, and I miss my sisters and sisters-in-laws also.

Two flights on Malaysian airlines tomorrow. We booked this before both the Malaysian air accidents which threw us for a bit. Sure we’ll be fine! Just a few days lying on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches before we head home….

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  1. renanopolis says:

    countdown woohoo!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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