Tuesday 14th October – Don’t try this at home…

Well The train trip was oookay but I get why people don’t really recommend the reclining seats. Book early and book a sleeper is my advice and here’s why…

We got on the train quite tired but decided to watch two Game of Thrones so we’d be sure to nod off happily. Seats, not that comfortable. Two girls faced us and our feet hung over the end and touched in the middle when our feet things were raised, which made it hard to relax as you didn’t want to knock them in their sleep. Seats are a bit like a ‘not very good’ lazy boy.

They didn’t turn lights down or off till after midnight. Grrrr

Two dickheads had unfriendly words over who knows what for flippin hours! It got quite heated at times and others got involved and then would it die down. All in Spanish so no idea what the problem was but it ended up a guard or two staying with them for last five hours or so after a bit of a scuffle. I would’ve locked them in the toilet together for five hours. That would’ve served them right.

The door between carriages to our coach was playing up. What does that mean? It either opened and closed constantly, or jammed open. This was where the fools were arguing and door shut would’ve been nice. Did I mention it was almost twelve hours this trip?

Hmm. What else? Oh yeah-A guy of about 65 with a loud deep voice got on and either talked on his phone or to himself, I’m not sure, but he got up and down and talked so much he used up ten times his quota. He regularly got up and gave the two arguing fools a rev up too. Thanks mate!

So I basically didn’t sleep at all. Got off in Granada and it was freezing! We had two coffees and a chocolate croissant which was all that was on offer. I thought as I drank the second coffee. Hmm caffeine and sugar on an empty tummy and no sleep for 24 hours. Wonder what that will do I mused as we headed out into the cold, cold morning air. I put my light long sleeved top on and my merino thermal and then denim jacket and wrapped a scarf around my head like a Muslim lady. Gilbert consulted his GPS which said 20 mins. 1.6km. Ridiculous to get a taxi for that I said, the walk will do us good and then I will shower and nap cause I’m beggared I told Gilbert. We set off amongst children heading to school escorted by Mums and Dads amidst lots of morning traffic.

The road got steeper and steeper and tuned into alleyways and lanes with steps that just went UP. After half an hour I just about felt like crying. I fully understand four year olds who cry and say they want to go home, cause that’s pretty much what I wanted to do. We stopped for a rest and I had my back to the city but as we turned to carry on I gasped when I saw this…

Now see the darkish pool in the middle? Well that’s the train station. I looked in amazement at how far we had come and how high we were. We could hear the swish of a broom and I went down a couple of steps and asked directions to the address we had. I sure as hell didn’t want to go further than we needed to. He made a bit of face as if ‘are you crazy?’ And then motioned to the heavens and wiggled his hand around a bit to indicate twisty turny lanes.

I turned to Gilbert and once outtve earshot said a few choice words as we walked off. You think he might’ve said ‘get bus C1’ or ‘take a taxi cause the hills are as step as the goat track on Sound of Music!’ No he waits till we have arrived, looking like death and says. “Gee did you walk? Ya should’ve taken bus C1”. I felt physically sick and sat on the chair he indicated while the room swam before my eyes and concentrated on not throwing up. “Rooms not quite ready he said cheerily. Make yourself at home”, at which I pulled my legs up into foetal position onto his sofa and closed my eyes and lay as still as I could until I could have a shower and a sleep. So maybe this is what two strong coffees and a chocolate croissant do to an empty tummy after no sleep for twenty four hours. Don’t try this at home guys. I guess it was just my peak physical condition that got me through…

…and Gilbert took me to town on the bus later and a litre of Sangria shared with tapas and I’m right as rain again. This was a cool little bar of which there is probably a thousand scattered around. I looked around the walls and the ceiling and I said to Gilbert that in NZ we build something to try and make it look old and cool like this and these are probably the same as they looked a couple of hundred of years ago.

There’s so many pathways like this. I’ve seen them before and Gilbert’s frightened I’m going to want this at home. When ever I point them out he goes Mmmmm. And walks away. All done with tiny pebbles mortared in.

Alhambra tomorrow so early night!

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One Response to Tuesday 14th October – Don’t try this at home…

  1. Graham says:

    your lucky alright,being in top physical condition, that 4 months of Travel in many other Countries did yous well? ha
    reminds me, i had no problems sleeping upright in a 6 berth 1st class compartment, for 3 months, went up the length of the Scandinavians several times/slept on the night train/viewed the scenery coming down the next day or so, ah well, times may have changed
    i LOVE train travel ha
    Glad you guys made it tho ..

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