Saturday 10th September? – Id quite like to know where Friday went…

If you’re getting confused over the dates join the club. I only have this as my guide and to be honest it’s a struggle to keep track of days and dates. I’d quite like to know where Friday went?

We didn’t get up until about eleven and breakfasted before heading off to the beach. Watched a movie in bed late last night on Gilbert’s ipad. This is where his IT ability really pays off. We’re saving the Game of Thrones ones we have for the overnight train. We have our window open as its really hot in the room we are in which is pretty small. Our window backs onto a whole lot of other apartment blocks all about 4 or 5 stories high. Everyone is out smoking, drinking, talking till late late and we get to hear it all. This is communal living. Morning routines start about 5am. Here I’ve been often woken by a fairly new baby. Six weeks at most Id say from that new baby wail. Most mornings the baby’s Dad sings if he can’t get it to settle again and it’s the most beautiful and almost haunting sound as it comes up through the centre of the group of apartments which all back into each other. It seems Indian or Muslim and most mornings while the baby wakes me, the Dad puts me back to sleep again.

We thought we’d go to the beach Friday which theoretically should be a quieter day than Saturday. A few interesting stops on the way like a big exhibition about…no idea really but the guys encouraging us in were dressed with muskets and armour so thought it could be interesting. Got x-rayed for weapons when they all had spears, muskets and swords which is a little ironic, and the lady in front of me who was about seventy sent all the alarm bells going. She stopped and looked back at the guy with a bit of a worried look on her face. I thought he was going to frisk her and he hesitated, and them waved her through. Everything was in Spanish so we wandered about and viewed the video clips of typical battle scenes and listened for a bit to the guy in Spanish. This is a pic that I think it was all about…

Arrived at the beach and astounded at how many were there. It being Friday and all…
Made our way to find a spot for ourselves and treated ourselves with the hire of a couple of sun loungers and an umbrella at 6 euro each. This turned out to be a good thing as the amount of hawkers traipsing past you is phenomenal. More than any other beach we have been too. The local ladies in front of us gave them an earful a couple of times for inadvertently kicking sand on her towel which was funny. Most were selling food and drinks but also clothes, offering hair braiding, massage, tattoo stick ons, scarves gee I don’t know what else. It never stopped.

Now if you can imagine this sequence of calls. All layered over each other. Aqua, beer, water, cola, fanta
Massa, masaggger cinq acrrroo.
cola Beer water sangria cole.
Massage for you. Massage?
Sangria, water cold!
Mojitos, fresh cold mojitos,

And then we are pretty close to each other so we have all the languages around us also so chuck in…

“Yeah. Totally!”
Ya YA farca. U fantanta yo show aminka Sebia?
Because I, like, whenever I go there, like I like…(get some more vocab American girls)

The water is blue but you can’t see the bottom anywhere bar the first few feet. It’s cold but deliciously so after lying in the sun for an hour. And when I come back I lie face down and so close I am face to face with Adrianna who is Romanian. We chat for a bit and she tells me she has been to America and here and there. She’s lived here for three years and works on website sales. She asks me if we’ve been to America and is surprised when I say no. I ask her why she chose Spain to live and she said well the French will speak only French and they are ok but are not that good at being inclusive and the Italians are a bit crazy and she liked America but the Americans are a bit stupid and fake you know, but Spain is a bit of every thing. All the cultures are here working and living and accepting and the temperature is always good. Barcelona is the best place in the world!

We leave the beach as the temperature cools at about six and head back to our street which is getting all set up for a street party. All day I thought it was Friday and sitting at bar tonight having Beer and Sangria before coming up to cook Gilbert said “hey, I think it’s Saturday”. My phone said it was Saturday, but I can never remember if it’s set NZ time or where I am, so I turned and asked a young guy. “Excuse me, What day is it?” “Saturday”, he answered very self assured. “Gee, I answered, we thought it was Friday”. “It’s ok he replied, I get the days mixed up all the time…. Haha” Good luck when you get old I thought, if you can’t keep track at twenty!

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3 Responses to Saturday 10th September? – Id quite like to know where Friday went…

  1. Maree says:

    Can’t believe how brown the both of you are! Looking good! By the way, it’s now October!!

  2. renanopolis says:

    You should record the beautiful haunting singing for us 🙂

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