Thursday September 10th – just hit the three quarter mark

Wow! Just a quarter of the trip to go! Enjoying Spain and another highlight at Park Güel today. Gaudi’s brilliance has no bounds where here he combines beautiful building with landscape architecture that makes houses look good enough to eat and rocks look as delicate as lace.

This might look like a gingerbread house but it’s one of two Gaudi designed after being given a brief to basically design a new subdivision on a hill for sixty homes where the greenscape is just as important as the building. That the timing was wrong and it never succeeded is our good luck as building stopped in 1914 and council purchased it for a park in 1926. Showcasing some very clever ideas it’s beautiful to walk through on many different levels.

Who could make rocks look as delicate as lace, or think up so many different ways to do a simple wall, or bridge a divide so it still feels so connected and mass planting so it feels like a tropical forest in another world with mosaic recycling old plates and cups into riots of curves and colour.

We made our way here on the metro and while I have a slight phobia of going underground into these things it’s not half as hard to negotiate, or so scary as London, and we manage it with ease. I add voltaren to my breakfast, lunch and tea to keep my hip happy as I knew it was going to be a big walk and mostly uphill and that worked a treat. I think tomorrow may be a beach day as we have done heaps over the last week and it’s time for snoozing in the sun.

I’m not sure you’ll be seeing any of this at YardArt but it’s inspiring and I did see a couple of things we will be doing at home at least!

From here we realised we were close to an art gallery that was in our pick six that we bought tickets for and so stopped there on the way back. First exhibition was an American who is exploring images from a racial perspective which was interesting and the resident artist, a Spanish guy who is exploring, well we don’t quite know what really. Maybe walls? We had an audio guide and as I was listening intently looking at his contemporary canvases I came around a corner to see Gilbert leaning against a wall with something between a smirk and disbelief as he was listening also. I guessed where his thinking was and smiled and he looked up and rolled his eyes.

We were listening to the artist describe how he spent a weekend discovering the spatial awareness of a piece of art that hangs on the wall and the wall itself. How the viewer will see each addition to the canvas as a portal to another experience related until he can open no more doors in his mind and then there’s just the wall laid bare. How he just went crazy throwing all his energy into getting images onto every space, board, canvas he could find in a somewhat manic way one weekend until he stopped exhausted and realised it was all just atoms. Small pieces of dust. Small pieces in the air, on the wall and how it came back to just one thing. Molecular structure turned into graffiti covering everything. Now this isn’t what he said word for word mind. He went on for ages and ages about dust etc. I looked at his piece which indeed looked like one of the pieces he had covered in his manic weekend phase which was smeared with what looked like concrete sludge where it had dried. By now Gilbert had walked right through and was shaking his head as he took the headphones off. We walked out and he was almost speechless….then he said a lot of stuff that ended when we had to stop abruptly on the path because a big furry dog had squatted and just finished a massive pooh. His owner slipped his hand into a plastic bag to pick the steaming mess up. We stepped to the side in time and Gilbert stopped and looked back and said “My God!” I said what. At least he’s picking it up! He started to walk on again and shaking his head some more said it was nearly as bad as the artwork we’d just seen. I burst out laughing thinking about the analogy.

….still chuckling we came around a corner to see the shop that is Sent from my iPad

After all the excitement of a big day and a dress too tight we decide to have tapas for dinner which is yummy with Sangria which is perfect on a hot evening and because we just needed a little something else …some Creme brûlée. I’m sorry…yes I did say creme brûlée. Keep your hair on…It’s only a little too tight….

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2 Responses to Thursday September 10th – just hit the three quarter mark

  1. moniejoe says:

    Wow! Look how awesome you guys look! Brown as. Ha I showed the kids and Wheri said Nannys hair is greyer… And their skins browner..And Kahu said goong goongs wearing a different hat. Haha


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