Wednesday September 8th – ‘Don’t’ never stopped us before?

I follow a guy in a checked shirt (Gilbert’s usual attire) stopping and perusing windows as I go, only to suddenly remember I should be keeping an eye on a black singlet and funny tourist hat. Thinking I’ve lost Gilbert I back track and find him in a shop selling pocket knives. “do you think these can go on carry on?” I ask him. Lol!

We have spent the morning working out our next part of travel in Spain. We are taking an overnight train to Granada as not much else available surprisingly. They move a lot of people overnight and have only one other train in the day going and it is fully booked. I find this hard to believe but it is true. We haven’t done overnight train on this trip so it sounds like a bit of an adventure. Think of the Orient Express. Back in a romantic era. Clickity clack with a gentle lull into a deep sleep before arriving refreshed and skipping a nights accommodation cost. Let’s do it I say. We find the double berth sleepers are all booked up so reclining seats it is. Oh well think of the money we save! I google tips for train travel on reclining seats and it basically says ‘don’t’. ‘Don’t’ never stopped us before so we’ll see how get on! Another blog says a bottle of wine and earplugs are helpful. Oookayyy. After reading a few more blogs I think I might get some string and tie up my zips. On my bags that is…well, an adventure it might be.

We walk to pick up the tickets as you can’t book online so have reserved over the phone and have to collect in next day or so. Not far from there is the Nacionale d’art de Catalunya and we have prepaid tickets so decide to do that at the same time.

We get to the train station and I’m a bit wacked. It’s 3.5 km. We could have got the metro but decide the walkings good for us. Once there and feeling pretty shot look at the time and see it’s 3pm and we’ve not had a thing since breakfast. I nearly faint at the thought. No wonder I feel like shit. Tickets in hand we grab a sandwhich and I have two coffees. They make good coffee here BTW and refreshed, we head to the Museum. I’ve read good things and am excited about this place. It was built in 1929 for an international exhibition. It is later used for govt meetings and more recently changed into a museum which it suits perfectly.

This place is fantastique! I can see as soon as we enter its going to be good and say to Gilbert, “if we lose each other we’ll meet at closing at the entrance”. He nods. This is sensible as we often move at different rates and I’ve lost him in the first five minutes.

Everything is cool and I enjoy the statuary more now than ever in my life before.

The next post is dedicated to the visit. Funnily enough we meet each other as we round a corner at the end and both of us are speechless. We walk home discussing the colours, the shapes and textures. It’s all pretty cool. We sit at our local and are still talking about it while we sip as dusk begins to fall and then to the baker across the road from our bnb for a baguette that is fresh and warm straight from the oven, at 7.30 pm! We also get a local sweet which is a pastry filled tube with a creamy custard and burnt sugar coating. Oh yeah. Mariu and Marco go out and we cook seafood pasta and fall into bed!

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3 Responses to Wednesday September 8th – ‘Don’t’ never stopped us before?

  1. renanopolis says:

    Fantastic photos Mum! You’ve done wonderfully! X


    • figsforfree says:

      Thanks. I’ve been pleased with them. One regret. Not having my own camera. If these are not ok quality. Dad just picks camera up n clicks. Haven’t seen yet so maybe ok but he said geez I don’t why you spend time mucking around checking where sun is etc. just fake it and move on!

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