Wednesday 8th September – Nacionale d’art de Catalunya

I think I could have lost myself in here for a few days and really must push so I’m out before closing time. A lot of space is dedicated to Christian churches and frescoes that have been rescued after being ransacked or fire destroying part and the remainder left in ruins. The colours are just incredible. If I was a strong Catholic I’m sure I would have been very moved by some of these depicting many parts of the life of Christ. As it is they are familiar but I wonder what Gilbert will make of them.

I move through the Romansque period and as we have seen an awful lot of churches I decide to see the modern art section next. As I head in there I have to chuckle as their modern art section starts in 1670 to 1770.

Most people think of Guadi who is famous for his architecture and design in terms of the buildings that are everywhere here but in fact he often designed many facets of a building right down to the furniture and hardware. These are simply stunning. Gaudi used nature as his guide and so many of his pieces include the curves we see in nature around us.

Ahhhh, now here’s a bit of YardArt.

I’ve not seen Gilbert since we came in and funnily enough we catch up with each other at the last stage of the museum and he is blown away. He has loved every bit of it and we talk about whether we should come back again tomorrow as we head out.

That was well worth it!

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