Monday September 6th – I’m pretty sure I’m going to like exploring Spain.

We kiss Julia goodbye cause she tells us to! She’s actually been fun. She’s loud and what I would call a passionate communicator. Everything is at full bore and full volume. I’m kind’ve glad we’re not here for the week, but once she’s had her pills at night she’s like a lamb. She indicates she’s off with the fairies and that’s fine by me. Back pain is pretty wearing ongoing and she can’t work after two back operations so this probably supplements whatever income she has.

She offers to drive us to the station and there’s no mention of right or wrong side but I take note that when you get off the train you can either go left or right. There’s no signage I can see that says its old or new, right or wrong so it will be mentioned in our review to be careful to go to the new if she’s picking up. This is something that’s really good with airbnb. After a stay we leave a review that helps others choose and she leaves a review on us. So It keeps everything honest.

I didn’t sleep so well and feel myself slip into a deep sleep once seated on the train and only stir when Gilbert nudges me about 15 minutes before we reach Barcelona. I’m lucky cause I can usually nod off anywhere and rarely have trouble sleeping. It’s a huge train station. You could shift a few hundred people through here hourly. I read that lots of things were upgraded for the games and it looks pretty organised and clean as we head out. We decide to walk as it’s just 3.3km to our bnb. It’s a good way to start out as you get a bit of a feel for a place and start to get your bearings quickly and it’s all flat so an easy stroll. Like most cities it’s a vibrant mix of very old and very new. Gilbert likes to change his bag into a back pack but I find it uncomfortable so only do this if the paths don’t suit it to be pulled and here it is fine.

This is the Barcelona arena which we pass on the way. Our BnB is on Rambla del Ravel which is a large pedestrian area with heaps of cafes and a short walk to Les Ramblas. Its a vibrant area close to the port and the beaches.

Marco and Mariu are our hosts and they are lovely. She is a nurse and he does computer and website stuff so he works mostly from home. They will guide us as we learn how to use the metro and find our way around I’m sure!

This is a couple of cabinets they have renovated by covering in newspaper and they look fantastic. Actually the photo doesn’t do them justice. A very cool idea. They are keen recyclers too so we are going to get along just fine!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy exploring Spain.

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